29th Congress of UAFM member companies

Dear members of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers!

We are pleased to announce that the 29th Congress of UAFM member companies will be held on August 29 through online voting.

The purpose of the Congress is to admit new companies to the Association and this month UAFM wishes to join:

  • Mebel-Service Ltd mebelservice.com (Lviv region)
  • Company “ERGOBOX” https://ergobox.ua/ (Kiev)
  • Company “ViYar” LLC “VSMK-TRADE” https://viyar.ua/ (Kiev)
  • TM Smart People NGO “Practico” https://www.facebook.com/smartpeople.ua/ (Rivne)
  • Tekhnoplit LLC (Dnipro)
  • LTD. Triol LTD triol.kiev.ua (Kiev)
  • Mr. Meblev (PP Solomka DI) https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Meblev/ (Sumy)
  • WOODWERK LLC Buffalo Group woodwerk.com (Kiev)
  • LLC “KOMPANIT”, http://kompanit.com.ua/ (Zaporizhzhya)
  • Industriya Derevoobrobky Ltd. www.wmi.com.ua (Zakarpattya)
  • ALBA Atelier of author’s furniture (FOP Bankulov D.E.) alba.com.ua (Zaporizhzhya)
  • LLC “ARGONIUM” http://www.argonium.com.ua (Kiev)
  • LTD. “DE ART GROUP” stil.ua (Lviv)
  • Wood-service (FOP Kosmina Yu.V.) http://wood-service.in.ua/ (Lviv region)
  • Private enterprise “Shik-Galichina” http://shik-galichina.com/ (Ternopil region)


Document with more detailed information about companies: Applicants for joining UAFM in August 

Regarding the rules of the Congress:

– On August 22, a list of applicants for joining the UAM is sent;
– August 29, UAM will receive an electronic form for voting;
– On September 12, the Protocol of the 29th Eve will be sent out with the results of voting.

If you are familiar with these companies or if you have any wishes or reservations regarding the incoming companies, we will be very grateful for the feedback.

Good all day!


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