CONFERENCE: “Interior design: trends and technologies”

On the12th of April, the conference “Interior Design: Trends and Technologies” was held at the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine (NUBiP of Ukraine), at the initiation of the Chair of Technologies and Design of Wood Products and the support of the Ukrainian  of Furniture Manufacturers.

The conference was made by members of the Ukrainian Furniture Association, among which:
– Sofia Zubik, LLC “Kleiberit-UKRAINE”
– Dmitry Dudalov, OOO VERDI
– Dmitry Timoshenko, LLC “LTL-Group”
– Milla Kravchuk and Dmitry Gorbachev, LLC “Cassone”
– Palo Krivuţa, TM “Concept 21”
– Rashid Abdurahimov, UAB SOLID SUPPLY
– Antonina Yakovleva, LLC “AGT Plus” 

At first, we listened to the report of Sophia Zubik on the topic: “Adhesive materials Kleiberit – as a strong tool for the realization of your ideas”, the engineer-technologist of the company “Kleiberit-UKRAINE”, Cand.Tech.Sci., On the development of modern technologies for the production of materials for the manufacture of furniture with new properties.
Students liked the technology of manufacturing materials for processing wood, resistant to water, from which you can make even a washstand.
On the students’ question, about the advantages and disadvantages of using silicate resins, noted the high wear resistance and cheaper production process, good penetration into the pores of wood. Of the disadvantages, identified instability to mechanical damage, and inability to use near high temperatures.

The next one was made by Artem Ponomarenko with a report on “Problems and prospects of Ukrainian furniture in foreign markets”, the executive director of the company “WOODWERK”.
He told about the way from the manufacture of complex-technical billiard tables to designer furniture, which are in demand in the European market. He shared his successful presentation of his company at the exhibition in 2013 – which became the impetus for development. Stressed – “Ukraine has advantages for the development of furniture available natural raw materials, inexpensive labor, young and promising designers with good ideas.”
To the students’ question – “How to become a famous designer?”, Answered that it is necessary to read modern publications about trends and trends in design development, participate in contests, seminars, trainings, show activity and perseverance in achieving this goal.
Asked by students about the prospects of working abroad, he answered that in Ukraine a good specialist can claim high wages, while living next to his relatives and working in a team with mutual, common values ​​and traditions.

A kind of a break between performances was the game for “Identification of personal and team values ​​in the format of VALUES_Happy Ukraine” between students, teachers and business representatives. Conducted in December Victoria Andrievskaya – a social innovator, as a journalist has 300 author’s programs on design, architecture and fashion.

While communicating with guests, Victoria noted that all people spend 80% of their time on unimportant things. In order to use more time you need to answer the question: Who am I? What do I do to be happy? In the course of communication it was suggested to pass personal testing and determine collective values ​​for students, teachers and representatives of employers, using their own tools and methods of determining personal and team values ​​of VALUES.

As a result of the testing and team play, it was determined that for the students of the Department of Technology and Design of Wood Products, collective values ​​are:
– time
– family
– mutual understanding.
For teachers of  the university: faith, love conscience, and for employers of the Ukrainian Furniture Association: mission, family, sustainable development. During the discussion, each team had the opportunity to explain its choice.
Having worked out personal questionnaires, Victoria defined the individual and common values ​​of participants, gave advice on how to go to mutual understanding together, and achieve the main goal – Happiness. At the end of the meeting, Ms. Victoria presented memorable diplomas to the training participants.

After an interesting experiment, Dmitry Tymoshenko, co-owner of TM LTL-Group, spoke about the vision of the company on “The Question of Personnel Hunger in the Furniture Industry of Ukraine”.
In a lively dialogue with students, the reasons for the outflow of personnel, the consequences for those who are traveling to seek a better share abroad and consequences for Ukraine, were discussed.
The lecturers of NAU of Ukraine also joined the conversation, noting one of the problematic issues – the graduates have the education of a technologist, but they do not take experience in their specialty. Representatives of the UAF, employers explained that the practice is necessary to improve the acquired knowledge, in order to avoid gross errors in the work, lead to material losses and other consequences. Some companies are willing to take students to practice on a second shift, part-time or apprenticeship with a specialist.

Pavel Krivutsa owner of TM “Concept 21”, LLC “Future Office” spoke about the projects implemented by the company, corresponded to the stated theme: “Successful projects of collaboration with designers”. In his communication with students, he noted that it is necessary to start with a small one, to learn and to translate their dreams through hard work. If you want to become a famous designer – you need to knock on every door with your projects, to seek opportunities for their implementation.
I was invited to cooperate, I am ready to take students for internship experience, because the main thing is the ability to find a common language and desire to learn. Willingness to find a solution to a problem that had never been done before is an advantage of the constructor, according to Paul.

Dmitry Dudalov, HR-Manager, LLC VERDI spoke with the theme: “Working with designers and architects help create a unique atmosphere” about the company’s projects are embodied.
Communicating with students, I found interest in working in the specialty in the majority of those present by voting. The profession of the designer interests – 13 persons, the technologist – more than 20 persons, the collection of furniture – 7 persons, the manager of furniture sales is ready to work only 2 people. All students are ready for a certain time to be in the posts of the lowest, but with the prospect of professional growth.
Teachers asked to help visit the production of upholstered furniture. Dmitry promised to discuss with the leadership such an opportunity for a group of students.

Antonina Yakovleva, the head of the development department of AGT Plus LLC, spoke about the company’s participation in the KIFF exhibition in 2018, where they invited the famous designer Stefano Adriano Rossi to communicate. Antonina also talked about communication and maintaining relationships with designers, conducting various activities for promising young people. Invited to the scheduled meeting with designers on the basis of the enterprise. She promised to help visit the production in the Kiev region and actively employ students for part-time work, so that it could be combined with studies. Have in the team of workers who studied at NAU, are satisfied with the cooperation.

Rashid Abdurahimov, representative of the Lithuanian company UAB SOLID SUPPLY, engaged in the development of design projects and cooperating with furniture companies, spoke about the requirements of foreign companies to employees. He noted that in addition to theoretical knowledge, one must constantly work with design programs, even simply looking through the lessons on resources, in free online access, to improve. Knowledge of languages ​​- will be an advantage. I emphasized that errors are not terrible, you need to learn, try, try to construct, and then everything will turn out in the course of time.

Milla and Dmitry, representatives of Cassone LLC, presented successful projects of the company, told about unique solutions and successful work with non-standard materials on the example of a bar in the form of a block of ice. We discussed the production capacities, the availability of various workshops for dealing with diverse materials. 90% of the furniture that is manufactured in the company is a complex design solution.

Summing up the conducted conference for students of NAU, one can confidently say that the meeting was fruitful, everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and to hear answers to them. For students were given very high quality advice for employers made proposals for reflection.
The conference ended, but our cooperation continues, so please join the survey on further work with profile educational institutions in Ukraine, which train specialists for the furniture industry.

You can go to the poll: http://bit.ly/uniUAFM

Photo album of the conference 

We thank all the participants of the conference for the active and fruitfull time we spent!

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