Memorandum with the Business Council of Qatar-Ukraine

Friends, we are pleased to announce that yesterday the Ukrainian Association of Furniture and Furniture signed a memorandum of partnership with the Business Council of Qatar-Ukraine!

QUBF’s main mission is to assist in the development of Qatar-Ukraine bilateral relations in various sectors
economics and other topical issues between Qatar and Ukraine, which will have a significant impact on
the formation of a positive business image of countries.

The QUBF activity vectors are aimed at

  • disseminating information about the capabilities and potential of the two countries;
    organization of conferences, forums, business briefings, economic missions, exhibitions, seminars, demo projects
    exchange of experience and expertise;
  • assistance in cooperation in the field of trade (import-export) and investment.


  • Since QUBF has been operating as a modern platform, QUBF has successfully completed a significant number of events in Qatar and Ukraine, including: GCC-Ukraine business forum: Building bridge for Business traffic; Forum Qatar-Ukraine in developing partnership; Workshop for Project Qatar; International Conference on Innovations in Design and Design architecture; Participation and organization of Ukrainian stands at Covertech Qatar exhibitions during 2015-2017, Made in Qatar, B2B organization for companies in both countries in Ukraine and Qatar.
  • The QUBF Business Council has further intentions in a series of business events to present a portfolio.
    Ukrainian projects for influential Qatar organizations.

We believe in strong cooperation and search for opportunities for the development and promotion of UAM members on the international scene!


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