EBRD financing and development opportunities for business

Dear Furnituremans, we sincerely invite you to the EBRD Financing and Lending for Business EBRD Training, which will take place on July 31 in Kyiv!

Speakers of the meeting will be:

Natalia Nazarovets, Banker of the EBRD, who will talk about:

  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – What is its structure?
  •  EBRD tools are intended for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Ukraine
  • Direct Loans – Criteria and Funding Purposes
  • The EBRD financing approval process
  • FINTECC grants

and Olga Ivanchenko, EBRD SME Financing and Development Project Project Coordinator in Ukraine, which is leading the EU4Business Furniture Sector Development Initiative and is happy to share information on:

  • Grant support for small and medium businesses in Ukraine
  • How to develop your business in cooperation with business consultants?
  • How to lead a system business through participation in EBRD grant programs for SMEs.
  • How to improve cooperation between furniture makers and retailers and what next steps are planned to strengthen the furniture industry.

To participate in the event, please register: http://bit.ly/ebrd4uafm

Participation is free for UAM members.
We are waiting for you on July 31 at:

Kyiv, st. Melnikova 81A, conference hall (1st floor) (“BC Melnikova 81A”)
Beginning at 15.00

For any questions, please contact us at (063) 235 0203, Valentina.

See you!

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