Partnership of UAFM and FSC

Today, at the UAFM office, the President of the Association, Volodymyr Patis and Director of the National FSC Representative Office in Ukraine, Pavlo Kravets, signed a memorandum of partnership.

The parties agreed to cooperate in order to promote responsible furniture business in Ukraine through the development of FSC certification and coordinate their efforts for this.

Cooperation within this partnership includes the following areas:

– Information exchange and awareness raising on responsible business.
– Informing about FSC standards and training according to their requirements.
– Development of proposals on harmonization of legislation to the requirements of FSC standards, strengthening of enforcement and creation of transparent and competitive principles for the functioning of the timber market.
– Learn in shaping the requirements of green public procurement of furniture production.
– Facilitating the exit of the Association members into international environmentally sensitive furniture markets and the creation of an internal market for certified furniture;
– Promotion of international membership of the FSC among the members of the Association.
– Involvement of the National Working Group on Standards Development and Consultation Procedures to Improve the FSC Regulatory Framework.
– Conducting communication, marketing campaigns and other activities related to the above mentioned areas of cooperation.
– Harmonization of action plans in order to take into account the goals and objectives of the Parties, as well as the pooling of efforts to achieve key indicators of common interest.

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