About new achievements of the UAFM…

Today, President of UAM, Volodymyr Patis, and member of the Board, Andriy Kolesnyk, had talks on cooperation with the President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gennady Chizhikov.

“Do you know anything about the export of Ukrainian furniture abroad?

Meanwhile, our manufacturers already furnish 5-star hotels with world-famous names. And this is just the beginning. 
150 domestic furniture makers, united in the association, confidently promote the brand  #FurnitureOfUkraine in the world. The Ukrainian Furniture Manufacturers Association #UAFM really manufactures beautiful furniture, and in turn we know how to sell them abroad.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is interested in bringing as many enterprises as possible to a pre-production for the foreign market and to increase the prestige of Ukraine. So they agreed to join forces.

I believe that over time we will be able to develop a cluster system of furniture, as it once was in Italy. “- Gennady Chizhikov.

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