Results of XXVІ-th and XXVІІ-th Congresses of the UAFM

Dear members of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, we are sincerely grateful to you for the presence and activity at the UAFM Congresses, which took place in Kyiv on May 18th!

On this day there were registered 108 members of the UAFM (including power of attorney) from 122 companies that are members of the Association. Your active position and involvement in the transformational processes of UAM inspire and guarantee the development of our Association and its prosperity!

At the Extraordinary XXVI Congress of the UAFM, we will consider important issues regarding the amendments to the Statutory Documents of the Association, which take place with the help of expert advice from UNDP Ukraine / UNDP Ukraine Andriy Vynnyk, and concerned about the fate of the Co-ordinator of the project “Strengthening the business-to-do” Unions of Small and Medium Enterprises “UNDP, Vladlen Sysoun, whom we sincerely thank for the help, advice and co-consultation that help to resolve the changes in the UAFM.

At the same Congress, we reviewed the size of the entrance and membership fees to the Association, during which the majority of votes was decided on their increase, which testifies to the satisfaction and trust of UAFM members.

The Association also replenished with three new companies on this day:

– Stherk LLC, which has been in existence since 1992. In the company over 25 years, developed unique methods of working with customers and an individual approach to each of them. For a long time, the main focus of the company were the cabinets compartment, but today the range is quite wide. Modern functional furniture for environmentally friendly and safe materials. And thanks to its own production and automated process, at each stage furniture can be made in three days!

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– “Hefel Ukraine” Ltd Häfele – an international group of companies specializing in furniture and joinery accessories, electronic access control systems. Its clients are representatives of the furniture industry, designers, fittings dealers, investors, architects, designers and institutions in more than 150 countries. Häfele owns Know-how in the field of furniture design and manufacture, the dynamic improvement of the assortment for a variety of markets, storage of more than 100,000 articles in stock, transport services, and customer-friendly presentation of offers in printed catalogs and online stores.

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– Atelier Lilu, who watches all the world trends in furniture art. The company’s products always look fashionable and modern. All the materials they use in production comply with European quality standards. Bed frames and sofas, as well as legs are made of natural wood. They are very durable and durable. In the company’s products, all corners are smoothed out, and the inner side walls have the optimum level of stiffness, which is especially important if you choose soft furniture for the children.

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At the XXVII-th Congress of the UAM members, the election of a new Board of Directors and Revision Commission, as well as the President of the Association took place. According to the results of the open voting to the new composition of the Board of the Association “UAM” it was elected:

  • 57 votes – Vyacheslav Pavlov, co-owner of ART-PROM Ltd.
  • 64 votes – Kolesnik Andrey Valerievich, owner of the company “TM Design”
  • 64 votes – Svetlana Gaidaychuk, co-owner of LLC “Vavilon Company”
  • 72 votes – Leonid Spivakov, co-owner of the TM “Rodynne dereevo” company
  • 74 votes – Patis Volodymyr, co-owner of LLC “Eskada-M”
  • 82 votes – Rogozhin Maxim Vyacheslavovich, co-owner of LLC “AGT Plus”
  • 94 votes – Vitaliy Ivachov, owner of the “First Femily” company
    According to the results of the open voting, a new composition of the Audit Commission of the Association “UAM” was elected:
  • Nadia Rodionova, Director of LLC “Living Wood Ukraine”
  • Yevhen Polyashenko, co-owner of LTL-GROUP, LLC “Zahid Resurs”
  • Oksana  Donska, co-founder of LLC “MebelOk”

The newly elected President of the UAFM was Volodymyr  Patis.

We sincerely congratulate the new leadership team of UAFM and wish you successful work and inspiration for the development of the Association!

We would like to express our gratitude to the National University of Bioresources and Natural Resources for the hospitality at the University, and especially the Department of Technology and Design of Products for Wood, its teachers and active students for the assistance in organizing and holding the two Congresses!

Photo Album, Photographer: Andriy Vynnyk

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