A week ago, on September 13 and 14, a delegation of UAM visited 50 people in sunny Odessa, where a conference was held to exchange experience of entering the external markets, as well as visits to UAM member companies: Decido factories and Capital-Furniture LLC warehouses.


We are sure to announce the successful holding of the SmartExport conference, where speakers shared their experience in exporting furniture and accompanying processes:

  • Pavel Pisniy, owner of the logistics company Dalet Brock LLC, provided an analysis of international trade in the furniture industry;
  • Filippovich Ivan, director of the kitchen furniture of the furniture company MERX, told about the features of furniture exports to Australia;
  • Andriy Varenica, owner of Varenycia Manufacture, shared the experience of the first export contracts and told about the difficulties faced by the company that first exported;
  • Dmitry Kovalchuk, owner of “KASSONE” Ltd, spoke about mistakes during the preparation of the first shipment;
  • Inna Master, co-owner of “Mayster Craft” Ltd, spoke about the importance of packaging both for safe delivery of furniture to other countries, and for the correct positioning of its brand.
  • The conference was also attended by speakers from the hotel and restaurant sector, because at the present time the city of Odessa is very rapidly being built up by hospitality facilities, as noted by Viknianskyi Nikolay, owner of the company THERMOPAL LTD. By the way, we felt hospitality in Odessa, thanks to this company, which took over the organization of the conference.
  • Business coach Pavel Haraman described how to prepare a commercial proposal and negotiate a contract.
  • We also received the answer to the painful question: “Why do restaurateurs and hotel owners buy non-Ukrainian furniture?” During the discussion, the answers were given to us by Biryukov Denis, owner of the family hotel “HEPPI IN” and Vitaliy Schwarzvalder, architect “Ribas Hotel Group”, who noticed where furniture business owners can go for better contact with Ukrainian hospitality establishments. And the director of the Odessa Tourism Association, Oksana Kuznetsova, presented the scope and activities of the Association, with which we will now establish cooperation between owners of hotels, restaurants and owners of furniture business.

The first day of the tour we completed the networking during the festive buffet, where the owners of the companies were able to get to know each other, find common ground for future cooperation and establish contacts.

Special report of the Odessa TV channel about the conference SmartExport

SmartExport conference video

Furshet-netvorking member of UAM

Special report of the Odessa TV channel about the conference SmartExport

SmartExport conference video

Networking member of the UAFM


On the second day of the visit, we visited the Odessa company Decido, which is engaged in the manufacture of furniture for the HoReC segment. The owners of the company, Elena Yegamova and Sergei Gusev, made an excursion to all factory workshops, after which the participants heard a presentation of the company, learned about its creation, values, directions of work and goals for the future. The meeting was attended by People’s Deputy of Ukraine Vasyl Gulyaev, who at one time gave impetus and a platform for the development of the company Decido. This unique history of business support by local authorities enables the company to feel protected and willing to contribute to the development of the city. In the village of Molodizhny where the factory is located, the established synergy between power and business motivates the company to produce furniture for the school, to arrange park areas and to cooperate in every possible way with the region.


After that, the participants went to the warehouses of LLC “CAPITAL-FURNITURE”, this Odessa company recently joined the UAM and is the largest retailer in the southern region. The owner of the company, Denis Mudrik, conducted an excursion with several pavilions, and the entire warehouse area occupies about 7,000 m2 and has about 400 furniture suppliers with whom the company operates. The company has a wide range of furniture in its arsenal, as well as cares about its customers and organizes and organizes logistics delivery operations.

We are sincerely grateful to the companies from Odessa for the warm welcome and hospitality of TermopalDecido – профессиональная мебель для ресторанов и отелейКапитал мебель!


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