XXVIII-th Congress of the Association “Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers”

Dear members of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, we congratulate you!

We are glad to announce that the XXVIII-th Congress of UAFM member companies will be held on June 27, which will be held through online voting.

Regarding the rules of the Congress:

– On June 12, the UAFM Administration announces members of the UAFM about the date of the 28th Congress;
– On June 12, the Statute of the UAFM with the proposed changes to the acquaintance and agreement with the UAM members is sent;
– On June 20, a list of applicants for joining the UAFM is sent;
– June 25, a ballot to be sent to members of the UAFM, which must be completed and send a scan no later than June 27 in response to a mailing list;
– July 2-4 is the count of votes and record them in the Protocol;
– On July 5, the minutes of the 28th Congress with decisions on the agenda of the UAFM are sent to the members of the UAFM.

Dear friends, we will be very grateful for your activity and prompt filling in the newsletters and responding to our newsletters.
At the moment, we are adding to your review the Agenda of the 28th Congress and the Statute of the UAFM with the proposed changes.
We ask all to familiarize yourself with the documents and prepare your offers if they arise.
We will send the newsletter on June 25, it must be completed and send a scan in response to a letter dated June 25th.
Bulletins should be sent no later than June 27th.

All materials to the Congress are at the link: http://bit.ly/XXVIIICongressUAFM


Since the important issues concerning the changes to the Charter and the admission of new members to the Association are approved, we ask you to take part in the 28th Congress of the UAFM members.

We sincerely wish everyone a happy day!

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