Guidelines для українських компаній щодо участі в міжнародних та національних публічних закупівлях  
Посібник про публічні закупівлі на зовнішніх ринках країн GPA
Посібникзі створення об’єднання МСБ для спільної участі у публічних тендерах. Внтурішні політики для об’єднань МСБ 












As part of the #TenderTogether grant project: “Increasing cooperation and trust with joint participation in international and national government procurement” with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine, which is implemented by three business associations: Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, Ukrainian Association of Visual Industry, Donetsk Trade Chamber of Commerce, developed and published three informative manuals for representatives of SMEs of Ukraine:

  • A textbook on public procurement in foreign markets of countries of the GPA The booklet contains general data on public procurement in foreign markets of countries that are parties to the GPA WTO Agreement; information on public procurement by industry; participation analytics, industry specific information. Author: Taras Shimko.
  • Guidelines for Ukrainian companies on participation in international and Ukrainian public procurement The manual contains standards, basic requirements for certification and qualification, a set of documents. Authors: Anna Sevostyanova, Taras Shimko.
  • The textbook “Creating an association of SMEs for joint participation in public tenders. Internal policies for SMEs.” The author: Julia Strikovskaya. The manual contains algorithms and regulatory framework for the creation of an association of SMEs for joint participation in public tenders. Sample agreements, model policy provisions, procedures, exclusion rules from SME associations for participation in joint tenders, rules for interaction between representatives of SMEs. For more efficient and transparent work of partner organizations, four internal policies have been developed: “Policy on contract management”, “Fairness and compliance with the requirements”, “Rules for communication”, “Exclusion of a participant from the consortium”.

Follow the links, download manuals and use them if you have questions, contact us, we will be happy to answer. Our contacts: info@uafm.com.ua, 063 235 0203

There is still a lot of useful information ahead, follow us through the hashtag #TenderTogether.

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