Entering to the UAFM

The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers –

is the place of the strength of your business:

  • professional industry business association
  • has more than 250 players in the furniture market in Ukraine
  • a powerful platform for partnership and communication
  • a platform for the growth of furniture companies
  • a synergy of business views and interests in the furniture industry

See what we have already done in the section “Digest of UAFM events“:
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Vectors of development of the association for 2020-2022:

Vision for 5 years:

Ukrainian furniture industry – №4 in the global furniture rating.

The main task of UAFM:

help its members to grow in business.


Detailed program of UAM development

We help Ukrainian furniture makers in 6 stages:

● We share projects
● We share experience
● We learn together
● We move forward together
● We defend together
● We seek privileges from the authorities together

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