Entering to the UAFM

The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers is

place of power of your business:

  • professional industry business association
  • has more than 250 players in the furniture industry market in Ukraine
  • a powerful platform for partnership and communication
  • a platform for the growth of furniture companies
  • a synergy of business views and interests in the furniture industry


See what we’ve done:

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UAFM events digest March - June


UAFM digest July - September


And all this is only for the last six months! More events to come!

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It will be even better with you!

Association Development Vectors for 2020-2022:

Vision for 5 years:

Ukrainian furniture industry – №4 in the global furniture rating.

The main task of UAFM:

help our members grow in business.

We merge furniture companies-members of UAFM in 6 stages:

● We share projects
● We share experience
● We learn together
● Let’s move forward together
● Defend together
● We seek privileges from the authorities together

Only together we are strong!

To become part of the UAFM you need:

*Only those companies registered in Ukraine can be members of UAFM.

application form

Information on the procedure for joining the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers and a list of all necessary documents can be viewed here:

Documents for review

For more information, please call us:

(063) 235 0103, (063) 235 0203 or write: info@uafm.com.ua, office@uafm.com.ua.

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