20 years UAFM – bright in black and white


On September 17, UAFM together with friends, partners and colleagues celebrated its twentieth anniversary

In the protected area of ​​Zhukov Island, in the Mayachok Event Hall gathered about three hundred guests, different inactivity, but united in the desire to further strengthen the furniture industry of Ukraine.

Combined the action and the only black and white style of the party, whose partner was Aperol Spritz. After greeting and meeting at the buffet, the guests went to the conference hall, where the official part of the event began.

Speech by Volodymyr Patis, President of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers

Volodymyr Patis, President of UAFM, greeted everyone present and made a small digression into the history of the Association, thanking the past leaders of the community. Mr Volodymyr spoke about the achievements of UAFM for 2020-2021, focused on the achievements of FURNITURE BUSINESS EXPO – 2021 and called on furniture manufacturers to join the ROADSHOW (visits of buyers for furniture production), which are already underway for the upcoming exhibition scheduled for 21 – June 23, 2022.

Mr Volodymyr informed about the events planned in the Association until the end of the year and presented the project of the UAFM Business Academy for TOP and furniture business managers.

FBA (Furniture Business Academy) accumulates the experience of the best representatives of the industry owned by UAFM and will start in March 2022 with a special course of UAFM on marketing and finance, “FURNITURE: how to sell and count”.

You can read more about the UAFM event plan in the presentation by the link.

Then the guests were greeted by Vladlen Sisun, a representative of the United Nations Development Programme

Mr Vladlen spoke about the active cooperation with UAFM and the readiness to continue to support the projects and initiatives of the Association, invited everyone to communicate and discuss networking opportunities during the celebration.

The first President of UAFM, Oleksandr Sobko,

inspired the members of the community to further achievements, sharing the history of UAFM creation and expressing confidence in its successful future

In confirmation of Mr Oleksandr’s optimistic forecasts, the next part of the event began, in which 13 new companies joined UAFM.

Solemn entry of new companies into the ranks of UAFM

Representatives of the following companies took the stage for the awarding of diplomas:

The activities of companies can be found by viewing the presentation link, and a list of all members of UAFM, which you can easily find on our website.

B2B negotiations

After a break for a delicious lunch, the guests gathered again in the hall to participate in B2B talks with foreign and Ukrainian buyers, retailers and designers.

Representatives from retail were: Epicenter, Rozetka, Alibaba, Ficus house, MebelOk, JYSK, His.ua, 1ATrade, Bestseller shpk.

Foreign buyers who came specifically to buy Ukrainian furniture: from the Netherlands, USA, Qatar, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, France, Poland.

Six interior designers, ready to cooperate with manufacturers, joined the event.

In total, more than 100 negotiations were held, as a result of which we are already receiving grateful messages from participants who have started cooperation with new partners.

Wine tasting and concert

It was not easy to stop the furniture makers who wanted to establish business relations, but the original gift from the general partner of the event “BK Technological Bureau” quickly attracted the attention of all present. Oleh Skrypka came on stage with an unusual concert-tasting. Guests learned which wine is best for happiness, which for love, and which for inspiration. Oleg Skrypka sang about it, offering wines of his own production.

The celebration ended with a tasting of the cake presented by Adler and incendiary letters “UAFM 20”, which, burning in the open air, paid tribute to the past and illuminated the way for new victories of the largest and most active community in the country!

We truly thank the partners of the event, thanks to whose support our celebration took place

General partners: Weinig and HOLZ-HER, the official representative of these German companies in Ukraine is BK Technological Bureau.

Exclusive partners: BK Technological Bureau, Kleiberit-Ukraine TM Kleiberit,

B2B negotiating partner: Adler.

Lounge – area partner: ViYar.

Partners: Kozhan, Eskada M, Grade-Plus.

Technical partners: Neocon, Campari Group Ukraine, Nash Format

Media partners: Home and Interior, Pragmatika, The Architect.

We are grateful to all the guests of the event for your personal contribution to our common history. 

To complete the idea of ​​the holiday, we publish several reviews of the participants of the event:

Feedback from participants

Kateryna Voloshko, Comfort Zone company:

Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers – 20! Yes, there were a lot of stories on Friday, but I can’t help but write a post … Everyone takes exactly what he wants.

For many UAFMs, it is an opportunity to export, receive and realize new interesting orders in collaborations and partnerships. For us, it is an opportunity to communicate when you share experience, energy, get inspired by something and inspire someone. When you can ask a lot – and you will be answered and share their experiences, perhaps bitter and unexpected. After all, the furniture business is not easy, from the word at all …. and that’s his buzz. Thanks to the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, Volodymyr Patis, the Board, the Directorate and all our colleagues for the festive atmosphere and communication. And to Oleg Skrypka for the concert and wine! ”

Olga Chugai, One To One Architects:

“We congratulate our partners, the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, on their 20th anniversary. On September 17, One To One Architects, namely our Chief Operating Officer Vadym Tokarev, took part in B2B meetings. It was useful and interesting. To be continued!”

Olga Shmakova, Rio Trans:

“UAFM is celebrating its 20th birthday. Almost 300 participants, many interesting acquaintances and many interesting discussions. The gift for everyone was a concert by Oleg Skrypka, who also presented his own wine and left his autograph on one bottle of wine for Rio Trans. And there was a holiday cake, which was solemnly cut by UAFM President Volodymyr Patis. And another surprise was waiting for all the guests on the street! The celebration was very good. Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, you are well done. Together with Ruslan Shmakov, on our behalf and on behalf of Rio-trans, we once again congratulate the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers on its birthday. Prosperity to you and inspiration in your work !!! ”

Oksana Donska, Member of the Board of UAFM, Head of FUBE:

“The Black and White Birthday of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers is about vivid impressions and an endless number of meetings. Let’s try to count the number of B2B meetings today. There were about 300 guests at the festival. Today, each of them held at least 15 talks on “wine and dominoes”, as well as on new accessories, logistics routes, production facilities, conditions for moving factories to industrial parks, finding partners for subcontracting, conditions for sending furniture for export, trends in furniture e-commerce and a million more topics about business. That is a minimum of 4,500 rounds of negotiations. UAFM connecting people! So let at least every fifth meeting lead to a contract! Everything will be #furnitureofukraine. ”

hallway. pro – a platform for finding and selecting architects and interior designers:

“Congratulations on the anniversary of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers! The hallway was invited to a birthday party at the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers. As part of the holiday, we took part in a useful b2b meeting with representatives of the furniture industry. It was interesting! Thank you for organizing the team. Many years of prosperity! ”

TSP Company:

“TSP Company’s team congratulate the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers on its 20th anniversary! The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers is a platform of opportunities, connections, clients, partners and knowledge. Our director, Olga Yalovenko, was a member of the Board of 2 convocations of this large-scale and professional environment. The main secret is that people who are in love with their business and know exactly why they are doing all this have gathered at UAFM. We are proud that Your Style Plus has been a member of UAFM since 2016. We are glad that we have a place where everyone will find the tools to develop their furniture business and team. And yet, he will be one step ahead of his goal. ”

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