Let’s talk about… Adaptive thinking. Post-announcement

Dear friends, on June 2, UAFM held a workshop “Let’s talk about… Adaptive Thinking” together with professional coach Anastasia Pankovetskaya.
Anastasia Pankovetska – professional coach, PCC ICF, business coach of ICG “Living Business”, co-leader of the coaching course at the International Integral Coaching School, master of Enneagram.

The master class talked about:
🔘Adaptive thinking is the basis of conscious management of one’s life in times of uncertainty.
🔘Search for internal supports for stability now.
🔘Express assistants to stabilize the internal state.
🔘Questions to yourself during a stressful situation and for the development of adaptive thinking.
🔘Algorithm “10 steps of adaptive movement during change”. The participants of the master class learned more about adaptability, internal support and techniques of their creation.

The master class mixed lecture and practical formats so that participants could come up with some awareness and practical information for further implementation.

We invite you to watch the video of the workshop.


And get acquainted with the presentation, which contains Anastasia’s contacts, which you can ask for advice.



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