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The Ukrainian furniture industry continues to move into the global furniture world, becomes part of progress in the innovation dimension and receives new opportunities for achievements in cooperation between designers, furniture manufacturers and business,” said Vitaliy Ivakhov, head of the UAFM Design Platform, founder of the 100% inter salon network., owner of the Ukrainian coffee brand ISLA, owner of the Spanish House group of companies, marketing and design expert of the leading business schools of Ukraine.

Vitaliy expressed optimistic forecasts about UAFM’s cooperation with Indian partners and gave the floor to Divyanshu Sharma, CEO of Mansionly. Mr Divyanshu spoke about the uniqueness of the Mansionly platform, which combines design and technology in the implementation of projects, giving customers around the world the opportunity to choose from a variety of interior solutions. Divyanshu also spoke about the opportunities of the Indian market, which have now expanded greatly, thanks to hard work with different spaces and different scales: offices, coworking spaces, living spaces, hotels and restaurants. He noted that the work process begins with the vision of the designer, which is embodied in large and small projects for various purposes. He expressed joyful hopes for further growth of opportunities in the Indian and Ukrainian markets, thanks to cooperation with the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, with Ukrainian designers, suppliers and furniture makers on the Mansionly platform.

The second block of the meeting, which was dedicated to discussing cooperation between India and Ukraine, was attended by Vitaliy Ivakhov, Divyanshu Sharma, Vishvas Sinha, COO / CTO and Rajat Bansal, CFO, Commercial Business Head.

Mr Ivakhov shared his observations of changes in the furniture market – “were previously dominated by Italian and German manufacturers, a little later this list was supplemented by Chinese furniture, and now there are opportunities for new players. Therefore, we can use the experience of our predecessors, without repeating their mistakes and knowing how to make cool furniture, to enter the future with a very powerful background”. Mr Ivakhov also noted that the cooperation of commercial business structures on the platform of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, thanks to the existing mechanisms of regulation and control – is a reliable guarantor of quality and performance of duties by the Ukrainian side.

“We do not have the right to poor quality, imperfect design and the high price of world leaders in furniture production. Until we become the first in the world, and we will fight for it! We will offer better quality at a lower price. I hope this is our opportunity! ”, – Mr Ivakhov spoke. He also stressed the need to create an alliance between designers and furniture makers, thanks to which it will be possible to perform pricing tasks more efficiently.

Rajat Bansal joined the dialogue and noted that the biggest advantage for Indian customers will be the spread of good Ukrainian design on the market at an affordable price. He added that the Indian market is currently very developed, thanks to the awareness of the population in the design, which is enriched by frequent travel. Mr Rajat said that the advantage in the market could be the provision of good design proposals in the middle of the country.

The next block of the meeting was the presentation of interior design projects from Ukrainian designers and companies.

Yuriy Kyryliv, co-founder and co-owner of Hochu rayu innovative design , began his acquaintance with Ukrainian spatial design.

Mr Yuriy told about the design invention of Hochu rayu, which combines different aspects of space, business, communications in the “microworlds” and creates a feeling of being in a better and more comfortable future. He stressed that Ukrainian design can be innovative and compete with world design even at this stage. The speaker singled out three main areas of the company’s work:

● retail, where innovations are reflected in technology, customer path and human interaction with space;

● HoReCa. The direction in which designers work with empathy and emotions that help create an atmosphere of space.

● WorkSpace – workspaces, which, according to designers, should be created to increase the time people spend in offices.

Mr Yuriy presented innovative design projects implemented by Hochu rayu design bureau :

● LIFT99 office space, which, thanks to unusual details and stories for the office, immerses you in the world in which you want to work and live.

● Caps Business School, which offers convenient conditions for obtaining and providing knowledge by representatives of different countries and cultures due to diverse zoning and adaptive space design.

● object design, which integrates various elements into objects and changes the usual perception of things and their use.

Yuriy pointed out that most of the furniture used in the projects was of Ukrainian origin.

Mr Divyanshu expressed his admiration for Hochu rayu design and asked questions about the approaches that designers use in their work. Mr Yuriy answered that the designers are based on the analysis of the customer’s brand, understanding of the audience and use the design of thinking, use various techniques to improve the psychological state of people in this space.

The next speaker of the meeting was Ivan Savula – Commercial Director and Co-Founder of COMFORTZONE .

Mr Ivan said that he has been working with office and commercial spaces for over 10 years and understands that he has European partners and his own production in Ukraine, which operates under its own brand ESTECO. The company has hundreds of different projects and thousands of comfortable jobs. COMFORTZONE works with all functional areas of the office. The production has the modern and necessary equipment for a full range of cabinet furniture.

Mr Ivan made a presentation of the company’s projects:

● MHP’s office, where the office was adapted and equipped with modern workplaces, meeting rooms, storage systems and informal communication areas. The products of European manufacturers were used, taking into account the individual wishes of the customer, as well as their own furniture and decorative elements.

● Kyivstar office, where all furniture, meeting areas and seating areas are made by COMFORTZONE.

● The Servant the people office space is staffed together with European partners: more than 100 workplaces, recreation areas, cafes for staff and guests, open areas for communication and events have been organized.

● MHP GYM space in which most furniture solutions were made.

● several offices of the international company REGUS. The requirements of this company are quality, service and accuracy. Each project meets the highest international standards and requirements. Therefore, COMFORTZONE is constantly working to improve the services we provide and control the quality at every stage of production and supply of furniture.

Mr Ivan shared his thoughts on the future needs of the market, among which he singled out the need in addition to comfortable furniture, to take into account the needs of privacy and acoustic comfort of employees. He also stressed the need to equip offices with more flexible furniture with health concerns, which are also present in the COMFORTZONE product line.

Mr Rajat expressed interest in cooperating with COMFORTZONE and invited for further communication after the meeting.


The next speaker was Dmytro Medyanyk, co-owner and co-founder of the European School of Design.

Mr Dmytro presented the school and explained the importance of design in the perception of the world for everyone. It is thanks to this understanding that the European School of Design was founded 11 years ago, the purpose of which was to create a design environment in Ukraine. The model of training in professional business schools was taken as a basis, where only practitioners who have their own business or have been working in this field for a long time teaching. The school is constantly working with European and Ukrainian colleagues to create a better product and training system. The school has 27 different training programs, 76 speakers, more than 3,000 graduates, of which more than 45% work in their speciality. Mr Dmytro noted that such results are achieved by teaching students practical skills in real projects that are performed for real or virtual customers. Students also learn design thinking for further communication with clients. Presentation of the European School of Design.

Mr Dmytro expressed his pride in the graduates of the school and gave the floor to Victoria Kareva, an interior designer and co-founder of the Between the Walls studio, who graduated from the European School of Design in 2016.

Mrs Victoria, who together with the team Between the Walls performs spatial projects for comfortable work and rest. The team’s mission is to fill the space with creativity and beauty to create a sense of harmony.


● Glover space for Glover. Recreation and communication areas have been established using a small budget.

● The Between the Walls team is currently working on two premium offices in Kyiv in collaboration with investors, builders and lawyers. They use a lot of different materials: concrete floor, mussel elements, different types of glass and more. These are offices for trading companies that want to have not only a working atmosphere but also a space for relaxation. It is planned to build meeting rooms, private offices, open space and recreation area. The project uses high-quality materials, most furniture is developed independently with an individual approach to customers.

Mrs Victoria said that the Between the Walls team has extensive experience working with different clients from different countries in different styles and tries to satisfy everyone’s desires, understanding the individuality inside and realizing dreams in the interior.

Mr Divyanshu expressed interest in further dialogue through the Association with representatives of the European  Design School, regarding the involvement of not only experienced designers, but also graduates of the school.

During the meeting, we received comments and questions. One of the questions was from the Indian side: “What can an Indian client get from working with the Association?”

Vitaliy Ivakhov answered the question, noting that UAFM is a platform that works on the implementation of the evaluation system of member companies of the Association, which in the near future will provide not only the necessary information for cooperation but also objective evaluation of companies, certain guarantees in the performance of duties.


At the end of the meeting, UAFM President Volodymyr Patis and Mansionly CEO Divyanshu Sharma signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation. Volodymyr Patis expressed joy over the cooperation with India and the new opportunities that are opening up in this alliance. Divyanshu Sharma thanked for the interesting meeting and invited the participants to further constructive discussion, which will be organized by UAFM.


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