“FUBE-2021”: feedback from exhibitors. Leonid Spivakov, RD.Furniture

Preparations for FUBE 2022 have begun.

In order to meet the expectations and satisfy the interests of everyone, we collect and analyze the feedback of FUBE 2021 participants.

We strive for improvement and want to be as open with you as possible, which is what we expect from you. Therefore, we are waiting for your suggestions and feedback in the comments or you can always call the UAFM Directorate, we are open to dialogue.

Let’s make our joint brand FURNITURE OF UKRAINE famous and desirable all over the world!

We bring to your attention one more review from the participant FUBE 2021:

Leonid Spivakov, RD.Furniture

called the new exhibition largely experimental and therefore bold. In its format, it became possible to create collective expositions. Not in order to save on the rent of the exhibition space, but in order for them, conceived and built conceptually, to achieve a greater exposition effect, so that the participation in the exhibition of each participant of the collective stand was more effective than if it were individual. Leonid noted that his company is not only a participant in such an exhibition experiment, but that he himself was its initiator and moderator.

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