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Instagram is one of the most popular and actively gaining social network. An increasing number of companies are using Instagram as a full-fledged platform for business.

To be in trend and use this Internet resource to the fullest, on May 20 UAFM held a webinar “Instagram for the furniture business”, where together with Elena Egamova we talked about:

● Why attract customers does not mean make sales

● How to communicate effectively in Direct

● New Instagram 2020

Webinar speaker:

Olena Egamova, CEO and co-founder of Decido – professional furniture for restaurants and hotels, sales expert and founder of D.Lab Sales – online training for sales departments.

During the webinar, Olena shared her own experience on Instagram, gave real-life examples and provided advice for the successful implementation and use of Internet resources for the furniture business. Initially, the meeting was planned to be divided into two parts, where the first one should have a presentation, followed by a block of questions. But the activity of the audience changed the whole planned format and redirected the webinar into a lively dialogue. Olena provided answers to numerous questions of the participants, subordinating the whole report to the needs and curiosity of the furniture makers. Thus, the meeting gained momentum, providing new knowledge, meanings, values ​​and inspiration to all present. Olena managed to awaken trust and unite the audience not only thanks to her expertise but also, first of all, to her humanity and openness. It is these qualities that the speaker recommended to educate and implement in every business in communication with clients. Because love and care are what can provide significant benefits in consumer choice and lead a business to success.

Olena provided a number of practical tips for use in working on Instagram and offered to consult support to those who will work on the presentation material. Also, as a bonus for active participation in the webinar, all participants received an example of a content plan and video of innovative opportunities for virtual and augmented reality for business.

During the webinar, Olena drew attention to the importance of uniting and forming a common experience in the interaction between representatives of the furniture industry.

The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers invites everyone who is not yet with us to change this situation and start active development of their business among the community of their friends, to receive even more values ​​in cooperation and training https://uafm.com.ua/preimushhestva-chlenstva-vstuplenie. ../


Let’s create a better furniture environment in Ukraine together!

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