The success story of UAFM members: EXPORT

The company’s reputation is the main “seeker” of customers
There are companies, more precisely, representatives of furniture companies that do their furniture business and, if they achieve something significant, do not brag about it. You can even think that in this way they are intently guarding some commercial secrets. Such an initial impression was made while communicating with the owner and leader of the Mukachevo company ТАРАСОВ – авторская мебель, but little by little we talked with Vladimir Petrovich, and the next export story still loomed.
The very name of the company indicates that it specializes in the production of furniture and joinery to order. Who is easier and more profitable to create their export history – to manufacturers of mass-produced furniture or to those who carry out private orders – definitely can not be said. It is easier for serial manufacturers to establish foreign sales channels for their products – dealerships, retail chains. And the advantage of those who realize private projects is that they usually sell their furniture and woodworking in a complex, one might say wholesale. But it is also more troublesome, because you do not just sell what you ordered, but also on your own, directly manage the premises of the customer with what you have developed for him. And you visit the customer at least twice. The first time before taking up work is to see what is necessary for you, how best to do it, to perform the necessary measurements, to coordinate the project as a whole, and suddenly, when you finish the project with assembly and assembly works.
Tarasov and his team have been engaged in all those efforts for the first year, falling to the share of furniture makers specializing in the production of designer furniture and executing exclusive orders, have become accustomed to them and are doing their job regularly both in Ukraine and abroad, since clients are NOT translated . In Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria – countries where they know a lot about furniture, one should try hard to please fastidious customers in everything.
– Usually it is thought that manufacturers of designer furniture mainly work with natural wood and foreign customers prefer natural materials.
– Judging by those foreign orders that we carry out, there is no unambiguity here. Each client has individual financial capabilities and needs, therefore we do not limit ourselves to just an array. Only a certain design priority is traced: our clients in most cases prefer furniture in the classical style.
If so, then the ambiguity with the implementation of private orders in almost everything. In addition, as already mentioned, the client does not always require complex furnishing. There are often cases when they order only the kitchen or doors. Significant plus, if the customer transport chores takes over. The installation of furniture also happens in different ways: it happens that the customer takes the furniture in a disassembled state from the workshop or composition and then he copes with it, that is, by hiring local installers. It can be seen that it is cheaper for him to be guided by other considerations. Also with design: sometimes the client provides the company with drawings or at least sketches of what he would like to have, sometimes placed on the tastes of Ukrainian furniture makers.
Mr. Tarasov’s company, unfortunately, didn’t get around the trouble that almost all his colleagues from the western regions suffer from. This is a shortage of skilled workers due to the mass trips of people for foreign earnings. This braking circumstance prevents furniture makers from developing their companies: to increase production volumes, to develop new markets. Maybe that’s why representatives of small furniture companies are reluctant to make contact: because instead of sharing experience, rejoicing at achievements, one has to say that it is already disturbing the soul.
– The situation forces us to carry out orders, albeit slightly, but at a high level of quality and readiness so that there are no reclamations that are unprofitable for the company and that we have to finish and rework something several times, send people to eliminate flaws, and this requires significant material costs, and the fact that claims are spoiling the company’s reputation, namely, it is for us the main “seeker” of customers, – says Vladimir Petrovich at the end of the conversation.
The heading “Success Stories” was founded in the framework of a grant project with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine, the project name: “Increasing the level of cooperation and trust with joint participation in international and national government procurement” – TENDER TOGETHER.

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