Competition for the best video Furniture of Ukraine

Talented and creative film directors wanted!

Do you know how to think of something incredible and want to combine your talent with real business? Do you have ambitious goals and ready to conquer the world?

How about a world where Ukraine is one of the best countries, let not in everything, but in the vision and creation of beauty: furniture, lighting, decor, interiors?

We are the Ukrainian Furniture Association, which brings together furniture makers, designers, architects and anyone who strives to create a quality Ukrainian product.

Together we are capable of great things! And now we need you!

We are announcing a competition to create the best viral video to promote Ukrainian furniture production.We have all the prerequisites for the phrase made in Ukraine to become synonymous with quality and modernity, and Ukraine has taken a worthy place in the centre of European furniture production. We have a robust plan in place to achieve this.

Award for the best viral video

The prize fund of the contest is $ 5000 and another huge increase that we collect through fundraising from everyone involved in industrial design, production and sale of furniture, the supply of the right components and just those who are in love with #made_in_Ukraine and #Furniture_of_Ukraine in particular.

Starting now, and we will see the result at Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo  2020 is the first B2B exhibition in Ukraine. There we will show your video to guests, the press and partners, and yet you will receive a cash prize and a sense of worthy victory in a really important thing.

To participate in the competition, read the rules in the attached document. Video Contest Rules FURNITURE OF UKRAINE

The created Video must meet the following requirements:

  • Video format requirements: Full HD (1920 * 1080) (16: 9) Square Pixels 25 fps H264 (mp4) 48000 Hz PCM;
  • The total duration of the video should not exceed 90 seconds. The video should not violate the property and/or non-property copyright and/or related rights of all persons (in particular, contain audio files, music, images of persons, etc., obtained without the permission of persons having relevant copyright and/or related rights to such objects);
  • The content of the video may not violate the norms of public morality and public order, cannot be offensive or unpleasant for viewing persons who will have access to it;
  • The video must comply with the requirements of video hosting YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in order to prevent its further removal from the specified service.

All that remains is to fill out a questionnaire.  Create a video and send it before July 5, 2020!

Fundraising for the additional prize fund of the Furniture of Ukraine competition

We also invite everyone to join the sponsorship of our project.

We use the collected funds to form an additional prize pool. The replenishment process will be covered and advertised in our social services for stimulating directors’ interest in creating the best video for our common victory.

Choose one of these donation pictures by clicking on one of the pictures below and become a Maecenas of the event which will make Ukrainian furniture famous all over the world!

Зробити благодійний внесок на промо Furniture of Ukraine

The amount of the additional prize fund is 18,200 UAH.

Thanks for every hryvnia!

Partners of the furniture of Ukraine viral video contest

  • Adler Company
  • Anonymous Maecenas
  • Kleyberit Ukraine
  • Anonymous Maecenas
  • Anonymous Maecenas
  • Anonymous Maecenas
  • Anonymous Maecenas
  • Zatkhiy Anton
  • Evgen Korolenko
  • Anonymous Maecenas



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