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  • Italian machine tool builders are operating normally
  • Doorknobs kill viruses
  • Smart shelf with scales
  • Registration of a trading floor – not yet merchandising
  • A bed for privacy of gamers

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1.The Italian machine-building concern SCM Group, a well-known manufacturer of woodworking equipment, reported on the work during the period of restrictions associated with coronavirus. All company offices in Italy and abroad are fully operational as usual – both production sites, as well as technical and commercial services.

SCM continues to operate at full capacity, strictly complying with government regulations to control the distribution of COVID-19, to provide high-quality customer service, technical support and fast delivery.

Representatives and SCM technology centers around the world are fully accessible for industry experts to receive personalized advice on any issues related to advanced technological solutions. Affordable and digital services that even remotely provide technical support and service, hands-on demonstrations and training.

“Every day and in accordance with the schedules, we ensure the smooth operation of logistics services, we ship machines and spare parts, understanding that our products are a valuable asset for the business of those who have trusted our company as a reliable supplier.”

2. Concerned about the effects of the SARS virus, which spread in Hong Kong in 2003, Chinese students Sum Min He He and Kin Pong Lee thought about how to reduce the spread of the virus in public places and created a self-sterilizing doorknob.

The essence of the invention is the destruction of bacteria using titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is applied with a thin film to the surface of the pen and promotes photocatalysis (accelerating the chemical reaction due to the combined action of the catalyst and the emitted light). The process is started using ultraviolet radiation: inside the tube, lamps light up that activate the reaction on the film from the outside. The lamps are powered by a current that accumulates with the help of kinetic energy after each door is opened and closed.

Now the authors are looking for an opportunity to oppose the coronavirus in a similar way.

Last year, this invention was included in the twenty best student projects in the field of industrial design according to the British James Dyson Awards.

3. Amazon’s worldwide online sales marketplace has demonstrated the “smart” Dash shelf for both retail furniture equipment and office furniture. She herself monitors the amount of consumables and orders if they run out.

Shelf in the office will cope with any consumables: printing paper, paper cups, writing accessories, stickers, toilet paper or coffee. The replenishment system is provided with built-in scales and automatically places an order if the level of stocks falls below a critical level. In addition, you can configure sending messages from Dash – in this case, the system will send a message to the office manager or administrator.

It connects and works via wi-fi, and, depending on the location, can be powered by a wall outlet or batteries.

Dash is not yet on sale, Amazon plans to test the first version in several selected companies.

4. For many, merchandising is associated with design. However, the design of the trading floor is much easier to do than to develop a selling merchandising format, because this requires:

  • study the market and the part that falls on a particular outlet, that is, observe the buyer and / or conduct a survey;
  • at the same time, analyze the assortment, highlighting the most interesting and necessary offers for your customer;
  • further determine the most profitable areas of the store for the most marginal products;
  • to think over and “plan” the path of the buyer, so that he examined the entire exposition and stopped at the necessary goods;
  • And only then you can do the design;
  •  but here the process will not end, we need the right POS materials (that is, promotional materials) to help the seller intrigue the buyer, even before coming into contact with him

One of the Georgian companies decided to go this route with Sergey Alexandrov, the Russian founder of the Furniture Business Knowledge Club, an expert in improving the efficiency of the furniture business, and the author of five best-selling books for furniture makers. ⠀

5. A bed for gamers, or rather, an entire station, allows video game fans to temporarily switch to an autonomous existence, where nothing will distract them from their favorite occupation, developed by the Japanese company “Bauhutte”.

Indeed, there is everything you need for their happiness: a table with a monitor bracket and cup holders, a bookcase for books, magazines and other useful things, and even a serving table where you can store a supply of drinks and snacks.

The table on wheels moves along the bed, so gamers will not have to be particularly distracted by obtaining food: it is enough, without looking, to reach out and not interrupt the game process. An adjustable bracket with a holder for mobile devices is located above the head of the bed – in the interval between game rounds you can relax and lie down, immersed in correspondence in instant messengers or in web surfing. The kit also includes a gaming blanket and hat. The only thing that the developers did not foresee was the plumbers, so from time to time you still have to leave the station, however, this is not so bad: stretching the muscles also does not hurt.

According to representatives of Bauhutte, the bed for gamers is still only a concept, although most of the components of this epic design, with the exception of the bed itself, are already in the company’s assortment.

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