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  • Export opportunities for Ukrainian producers will improve
  • The purpose of “Metа” is to support Ukrainian business
  • “Ukrzaliznytsia” is preparing changes in the pricing of freight transportation
  • New kitchen product from the company “GTV”
  • “IKEA” supports the training of Polish designers

Read about what happened last week in Ukraine and the world, and what is relevant and interesting for the furniture expert, in our digest:

1. The European Commission made changes to the indicative maps of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), including Ukrainian logistics routes. Instead, it excluded Russian and Belarusian routes. This decision is a strategic step in the process of Ukraine’s integration into the EU and will contribute to the implementation of the “Paths of Solidarity” initiative regarding the export of Ukrainian products and the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
The following changes were made to the indicative maps of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T):
The North-Baltic Corridor was extended through Lviv and Kyiv to Mariupol; The Baltic-Black Sea-Aegean corridor was extended through Lviv, Chernivtsi (Romania and Moldova) to Odesa; the corridors Baltic Sea – Adriatic Sea and the Rhine – Danube will pass through Lviv.
The inclusion of logistics routes in the TEN-T network allows, among other things, to develop multimodal transportation, reduce logistics costs, and improve the quality of services during the transportation of goods.

2. The “Meta” corporation is launching a specialized educational support centre for Ukrainian businesses with an aid program for the recovery of the country’s economy, because according to the United Nations development program, due to the invasion of Russia, many Ukrainian enterprises have either completely closed or are forced to work at less than full capacity. A variety of free educational resources are provided for Ukrainian businessmen. And “Meta” plans to allocate 1.5 million dollars so that Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises can conduct advertising campaigns on the corporation’s platforms.

3. “Ukrzaliznytsia” is preparing changes regarding the convergence of tariff classes in freight transportation. It is planned to simplify the tariff creation procedure in order to make the tariff uniform regardless of the cargo to be transported. Coefficients are being developed that will increase or decrease the cost of transportation. For example, a reduction factor will apply when routing, and an increase factor when transporting dangerous or oversized cargo. “Ukrzaliznytsia” does not plan a general increase in freight rates during the implementation of this reform. However, after unification, transportation costs may increase for low-value cargoes, and, on the contrary, decrease for high-value ones.

4. Competently organized space inside the cabinets facilitates everyday work in the kitchen, as well as maintaining order. As you know, cargo baskets, that is, retractable systems with shelves, are one of the solutions for equipping cabinets.
The well-known manufacturer of kitchen fillings – the company “GTV” has launched a new item on the market – the Movix Pro cargo basket, which is distinguished by high quality and aesthetic performance. A wide selection of baskets by size is offered. Five width options are available: 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm. Thanks to this, they can be adapted to any niche and used in almost every kitchen. In the sizes of 150-200 mm, the baskets are installed on the guide with a left or right attachment. As for heavier baskets with a width of 300-500 mm, diagonal fastening is provided, that is, one guide is attached from the right side at the bottom, and the other from the left side at the top.
Baskets also vary in carrying capacity. Narrow baskets of 150-200 mm can be loaded up to 15 kg, others – up to 20 kg. Movix Pro corner baskets are universal, which means they can be installed so that the baskets extend to the left or right.

5. Students of the Faculty of Interior Design from the University of Entrepreneurship and Administration in Lublin within the framework of the subject “Folk construction and folk culture of Central and Eastern Europe” created a unique collection of furniture decorated with traditional folk patterns of the region. They worked on second-hand furniture supplied by the Polish representative office of the IKEA concern.
The goal of the project is to introduce entrepreneurs to ambitious students. This is a great opportunity for young people to spread their creative wings, and for companies – an opportunity to work with creative, full of fresh ideas, budding designers.

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