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  • In order not to overload the trucks…
  • The order of registration of consignment notes has changed
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  • Countertops with mountains

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. There is currently a shortage of specialists in Poland, so they are waiting for Ukrainian workers there. 33 percent of local employers offer a salary somewhere at the level of 22 thousand hryvnias, and 26% of vacancies, which are designed specifically for Ukrainians, are offered for payment at the level of 44 thousand hryvnias. There are also higher salaries: in particular, 41% of Polish employers plan to pay up to 55,000.

2. Terminal “Eurozovnishtorg” intends to provide the State Customs Service with data on transshipment of vehicles arriving at the terminal.
“When large-scale construction and reconstruction of roads is underway in the country, the responsible position of business is to take care of their storage and compliance with the law by all participants in the logistics chain,” said Sergey Gunko, director of the port operator EVT Grain.

3. On October 1, the procedure for registration of consignment notes, which was criticized by truckers, changed in Ukraine. When issuing invoices to the consignor, you now need to specify the vehicle, its size, weight with the cargo and packaging. Transport market participants consider these requirements superfluous, as they require additional time and money.
The representative of the European Business Association Tetyana Shirochenko stated that the innovations provide for “manual” entry of data in invoices. Experts predict that due to the innovations, one trucking company will have to spend an additional UAH 1 to 1.5 million annually.

4. In the first half, the turnover of the Russian furniture market increased by almost 50% to 130 billion rubles. compared to 2020 and 44% compared to pre-crisis 2019. Among the key components of this success is the transfer of some orders from 2020 due to a shortage of raw materials and an increase in the average retail value of Russian furniture by 15%.

5. Usually designers and furniture makers diversify tables, combining natural and artificial materials and thus creating countertops that mimic multi-layered underwater reliefs and curves of rivers. French designers Benoit Vautier and Manu Lerenda act differently. Using traditional tools for wood carving, they make sculptural countertops, on the surface of which rise miniature mountain ranges or fragments of hilly landscapes.
The masters assure that they do not reproduce specific natural places, and the design of each composition is determined only by the nature of the furniture and the capabilities of the material. Designers create all their products by hand from oak, walnut, sycamore or ash.

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