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  • Most popular products among online shoppers
  • Inspectors of the State Labor Committee should now be guided by the law
  • New level of human and robot interaction
  • What limits the development of the smart furniture market
  • Classic, “loft”, “Provence”

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read our digest:

1. According to the research company GfK Ukraine, the most popular goods among Ukrainian online shoppers were clothing and shoes, which are ready to buy 64% of Internet users in this way (another 6% would like to, but do not have such an opportunity).
The least popular among the respondents are the online grocery shopping. They would like to order remotely 13% of online shoppers, but for various reasons did not.
Also in online stores popular electronics and home appliances. More than half of users are willing to buy them remotely. Further rated – cosmetics (about 38%) and toys with children’s goods (more than 25%). As noted in the study, all these products are even easier to buy than food and clothing.
Unfortunately, colleagues, our products in this “top” is not yet. But there is something to work!

2. After the court canceled the old order of inspections, the State Service of Ukraine for Labor promptly developed new orders for inspections of employers and imposing fines for violating labor legislation. In particular, we are talking about the procedure for conducting on-site inspections and inspection visits.
Law No. 877 “On the Basic Principles of State Supervision (Control) in the Sphere of Economic Activity”, which came into force after the annulment of the Cabinet resolution, gives explanations of what the inspectors cannot do and what guarantees the enterprise has. For example, the old order of inspections allowed for unscheduled inspections to be carried out without coordination with other bodies, and the law obliges inspectors to coordinate their actions with the Ministry of Social Policy and present such coordination to a business entity.
And another thing: if the inspection visit began before May 13, and ended after the 14th, when the old Government Decree was no longer valid, the company may apply to the State Labor Department in writing to stop the inspection visit. Some lawyers are convinced that employers may not sign acts on the results of such inspections and refuse to accept them at all, and if the State Labor fines are still applied, then they should be appealed in court.

3. At the LIGNA 2019 exhibition, the machine-tool concern Biesse Group (Italy), a global manufacturer of woodworking equipment, demonstrated the future of wood processing in the Industry 4.0 format at its booth. The Biesse exposition was located on an area of ​​six thousand square meters, where innovations and technologies were presented, reflecting the Automaction concept, through which Biesse brings a new level of human interaction and work in the production process.
At the stand, visitors were shown three technological processes that were automated along the production chain from raw materials to finished products. As well as integrated lines and robotic cells, which offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and customization.
Modern efficient furniture factory today can no longer function without powerful software. Automation LAB is the basis for the most advanced digital solutions designed to implement ideas in a simple and effective way.

4. The market of “smart” furniture is developing not as fast as manufacturers would like. Why?
Due to the lack of well-defined needs. People are reluctant to introduce new technologies, because at first glance they cannot appreciate all the advantages of “intellectual” tables, chairs, sofas.
For high cost. The use of innovative devices at times increases the cost of “smart” furniture in comparison with traditional ones.
Through sophisticated technology. Embedded devices require high-quality and expensive maintenance. In the event of a breakdown, the “smart” table will turn into a regular one at a time, and you will have to pay a considerable amount for its repair. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the function of wireless charging is not implemented in all gadgets, so for many users the furniture with it is no different from normal.

5. Classic, “loft”, “Provence” – the leading three of the most popular last year interior styles (they do not lose their leadership this year). Accordingly, this also applies to furniture.
By the number of requests that the well-known Internet resource Yandex has tracked, the undisputed leader (by a wide margin) has become a classic. There were over a million requests for this style.
But the greatest increase in supporters (81%) showed a loft style, followed by the Provence and Modern style in terms of popularity.
Most often, users are interested in living rooms in a classic style. Most likely, the popularity of this style is due to neutral shades and a variety of furniture options.

Loft scale: applies to the goals of the apartment. As well as popular separate bathrooms in this industrial style.
The interiors in the style of “Provence” is mainly kitchen. But children’s rooms in the same style are much less popular with users, although it has traditionally been actively “putting on” children’s “apartments”.

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