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  • “Franchise for export”
  • Buy on ProZorro and you will win
  • Using a QR code for settlements
  • Evolution in seven chairs
  • Old furniture – material for art objects

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. About 30-40 Ukrainian companies have already managed to sell their business models abroad. Miroslava Kozachuk, co-founder of the Franchise Group company, which helps entrepreneurs in the development of the franchise and its “export”, noted that Ukrainian business models are most often bought by investors from the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.
Among the reasons that encourage Ukrainian entrepreneurs to sell franchises abroad are higher incomes and an additional impetus to selling franchises on the domestic market compared to Ukraine. Franchise owners usually receive about 5% of the affiliate company’s turnover, and foreign revenue is higher, respectively, higher and mandatory payment.
Or acquires this process of dissemination in furniture, while there is no reliable data. But since the “export franchise” as a whole is spreading in Ukraine, this process will not bypass the furniture makers.

2. The other day, three years have passed since the ProZorro platform, one of the best public procurement systems in the world, has been launched in Ukraine. During this time, the ProZorro public procurement system during purchases saved 86 billion hryvnias for Ukrainian taxpayers. This was reported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

3. The National Bank simultaneously with the introduction of the international bank account number IBAN has developed draft rules for using a QR code to transfer funds.
The rules define common principles for using the QR code by participants of cashless payments for transferring funds and requirements for the details of the QR code, which will facilitate the convenience of cashless payments, simplifying the payment of bills and exchanging payment details.

4. The German designer, artist and multi-faceted creative person, Jan von Borstel, created the Evolution of 7 Chairs series of chairs, which together demonstrate a smooth transition from a lounge chair to a kitchen chair with a straight back. He managed to create simple and elegant forms.
The changes concern the height of the seat and back, the angle at which they are located, and the position of the legs.
The chairs are made using laser cutting of sheet metal, which after bends and is covered with glossy white PVC.

5. Activists of Minsk Serebryanka microdistrict found use of old and unnecessary furniture for Minsk residents. Within the framework of the Art Residence project, together with German artists of the BOSSO FATAKA community, volunteers plan to create a sculpture from old discarded furniture in Serebryanka microdistrict.
BOSSO FATAKA was founded in 2011 in Berlin. The team contributes to the arrangement of the urban environment, using humor, irony and fair social criticism. When creating art objects, witty and creative guys “tell stories” of old things and draw people’s attention to the specific social problems of cities, creating sculptures and installations from discarded items picked up on the street.

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