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Customs will be almost half
Arrested property to sell Prozorro
Large taxpayers are becoming more
IKEA as a “junkman” and philanthropist
Furniture from parachute surplus

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The Government of Ukraine approved the regional structure of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, reducing the number of customs to 16 from 26. According to the head of the customs department Maxim Nefedov, these changes will begin to fight “feudalism”, when each customs office is a separate principality with its own rules and management support regional state administration, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies, as well as save on administrative costs due to the redistribution of posts in favor of the operational staff.
He also said that a coordination and monitoring customs will be created, where customs officers will carry out oversight functions, create competence centers for complex and risky groups of goods, monitoring groups to analyze data from borders, as well as view information from cameras, scales, scanners.

2. The Cabinet of Ministers decided to sell the seized property through the electronic tender system “Prozorro. Sales. ” The government decided to use this trading Internet platform to sell the seized property because there is no trust in the system sets. According to Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, the use of “Prozorro. Sales ”will reduce the bankruptcy process and release a large number of assets, years in limbo.

3. The number of large taxpayers in the register for 2020 increased by 12% (by 187 legal entities), now there are 1660 of them.
The report of the State Fiscal Service notes that the list of large payers includes payers whose income from all types of activity for the last four reporting quarters exceeded 50 million Euros, or the total amount of taxes, fees, payments paid to the state budget for the same period exceeded 1 million euros (of which tax payments of at least 500 thousand euros).
The number of large taxpayers in the registry for 2019 increased by 10% (by 136 legal entities) and reached 1.5 thousand.

4. The company “IKEA” will begin to accept used and old furniture in Russia. They will be remade or distributed to those in need. The pilot project will be launched in St. Petersburg before the end of the year. What will be able to collect, recycle the company’s factory in Veliky Novgorod. Furniture of any production will be accepted, not only IKEA. The company already accepts used light bulbs, batteries and textiles.

5. Designer Benjamin Huybert and the renowned Raeburn brand have created a collection of furniture made from recycled parachutes. The Canopy collection includes three low-seat rocking chairs and a screen divider. Armchairs and screen are structures made of welded steel frame, covered with parachute fabric. Two chairs in the collection are draped in layers of fabric so as to create a “clumsy” look, the third is more rigorous in design, but brighter than all – white and peach. To create the Canopy collection, designers used surplus military airborne and braking parachutes made from the ultra-thin ripstop nylon material.

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