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  • Cancellation of work books approaching
  • Loan collateral fund for small and medium enterprises
  • Business needs crowdfunding
  • Would you like to enter the blogosphere?
  • Romantic collection of furniture handles

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved and sent to the Verkhovna Rada a bill to abolish the status of a strict reporting document in paper work books. This was announced by Minister of Social Policy Yulia Sokolovskaya. The government supported the initiative of the Ministry of Social Policy regarding electronic work books.
The Minister noted that after the implementation of such a decision, it will not be necessary to collect a lot of certificates to confirm the seniority (if the book is lost). And pensions and social benefits will gradually be assigned automatically without unnecessary bureaucracy. In addition, it is expected that such a solution will simplify the search and registration of people for work.

2. Despite the fact that Ukrainian banks have significantly increased profits, loans for small businesses remain unavailable, according to the Office for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises under the Ministry of Economic Development.
However, to solve this problem it is only necessary to increase the level of financial literacy of the population, said director of the SME Development Office Andrei Slabinsky. “Here is not only a question of money, but also a question of where to get knowledge, improve financial management skills to increase the chances of obtaining a bank loan.”
Slabinsky also noted that so far the state in Ukraine has financially supported mainly farmers. He hopes that the operation of the partial loan guarantee fund, which will be launched before the opening of the land market, will extend not only to small farmers, but to the entire SME.

3. A solution to the problem of financing startups, including furniture companies, could be such an innovative way of raising funds as crowdfunding. This is a tool that allows you to quickly raise funds from an unlimited number of people, regardless of their location on specialized Internet sites. And most importantly – it is quite simple and does not require a large number of additional costs. Three parties participate in crowdfunding: the one who gives the money (sponsor), the one who receives it (the author of the project) and the crowdfunding platform (intermediary). The crowdfunding platform was created in order for the author of the business project and the sponsor to “meet” on the Internet site.
Everything related to finance is risky to a certain extent. Including crowdfunding. So far, the legislative framework will not be brought up for such lending. “Introduction of the basic concepts in the field of crowdfunding into the legal field will make it possible to use its full potential and open up new business opportunities,” said expert Alexander Soroka, founder of the professional network for venture capital market participants Startup Network.

4. Foreign furniture companies are increasingly using the blogosphere as one of the channels for promoting their products.
Finding a blogger to promote products and services (influencer marketing) is easy. It is much more difficult to build relationships with micro- and nano-influencers (“new wave” bloggers).
There are a lot of companies and brands that already work with bloggers. Those who are just considering this channel to promote their products and services should understand that, with a high degree of probability, competitors managed to make popular bloggers their own “tasty” offers (especially when it comes to blogs on specific topics and areas, – for example, about design). So, in order to attract a solid influencer to such cooperation, you will have to offer him either a very interesting experience or a higher payment.
“Hello Blogger”, a holding that includes an educational online platform, a digital agency for working with bloggers and streamers, as well as media about the blogosphere, will help those who want to use the blogosphere to promote their products.

5. The most romantic collection of furniture handles that appeared on the furniture hardware market is the Kerron Ceramic collection. The designs of these pens are inspired by the traditions of the Old World and perfectly convey the atmosphere of measured suburban life. The ideal solution for the kitchen and furniture of the recreation area in the “retro” style.
New models of handles-brackets have a simple and concise shape, which provides maximum ease of use. To create a full-fledged hardware kit, the new series is complemented by a neat, but no less effective button handle, which goes well with brackets.
A special charm of the new series of furniture handles provides an incredibly stylish combination of a fashionable matte gray shade (GR) and a delicate gray-blue ceramic insert. Such a color combination will undoubtedly attract attention and decorate both light and dark facades in furniture for any purpose.

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