Oratory: Influence. Assure. Inspire

We invite you to the intensive from Dmitriy Wolf functional linguistics and oratory skills will help you inspire, motivate and be a leader of opinions.

In a programme:
Ways to overcome them before and during the performance
Methods of formation of modern public speech
Principles of response and methodology of working with them
Ways to interact with the public and stimulate dialogue
Techniques to attract and retain the attention of the audience
How to cause the audience confidence

Date: June 5, 2019
Time: 15: 00-18: 00
Location: UAFM conference hall, Kiev, st. Yu. Ilyenko, 81a, first floor (https://goo.gl/maps/Jm2NwDygjQ72).

Registration for the training: http://bit.ly/WolfperformanceUAFM
Participation conditions: 500 UAH per person, free for UAFM participants.

About coach Dmitriy Wolf:
– psycholinguist, social engineer. The first teacher in Ukraine with communicatives since 2009;
– a scientist in the field of natural language processing (Natural Language Processing) – the general direction of artificial intelligence and mathematical linguistics;
– lecturer at Kiev Brunch University Singularity (SingularityU Kyiv);
– Practicing speaker since 2007. Mentor in the field of public speaking, written, oral, corporate and diplomatic communication;
– Freelance Corporate Education Advisor for more than five years at PHILIPS, LAZ (LAZ-automotive industry), TCM Group International (legal services, 135 offices worldwide), Boehringer Ingelheim (pharma), Inter American Investment Corporation (Inter-American Development Bank ), UKRAVIT (the most agricultural holding of Ukraine), Synevo, Servier, Pfizer;
– has experience in conducting trainings in German and English for audiences from Germany, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland;
– Author of more than 150 training programs, has trained more than 20,000 graduates and has 40 international companies – regular customers.

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