The process of organizing the Rivne furniture cluster was started

The new modern Kronospan plant in the Rivne region is preparing to unleash the technological potential of the region. 10 million euros have already been spent on the reconstruction of abandoned industrial premises in modern production facilities. Investment plans for the creation of production reach 200 million euros in the chipboard production line, and the same number of OSB lines in 2020.

Regional Economic Growth Potential

After the construction of the first production line, the woodworking plant will create 200 direct and 2000 indirect jobs, and after the possible launch of the second line, these figures can double. The average salary at the enterprise will be 15-18 thousand hryvnias. After reaching the planned capacity, the plant will annually pay almost 400 million hryvnias of taxes and fees, thanks to which it will be possible to improve the region’s infrastructure.

“Thanks to attracting investments, the Rivne furniture cluster is being created at the same time, which is a typical example of a cluster of representatives of government, business and education. The goal of the cluster organizers is to set up a process of cooperation and synergy for effective interaction and long-term growth of the region without interference. And we understand that now in Ukraine we we need to fight for every investor who contributes to this process. “- says Volodymyr Patis, President of Украинской Ассоциации Мебельщиков.

Export of finished goods of Ukrainian production with added value

In addition, a substantial increase in the country’s economic indicators is expected due to the export of finished goods of Ukrainian production with added value. Thus, Kronospan will attract additional financial resources to Ukraine and support a domestic producer. To achieve this goal and to establish cooperation with foreign buyers, the Rivne furniture cluster will be presented at the conference by the Deputy Chairman of the Rivne Regional State Administration Serhiy Gemberg, which will be held as part of the first B2B Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo which will be held September 15-17, 2020.


The exhibition will be attended by more than 2,000 buyers from more than 40 countries interested in acquiring Ukrainian furniture.
Strategic session of the Rivne furniture cluster

Already, the Rivne furniture cluster is implementing its goals in educational work for the owners and heads of furniture enterprises. On March 20, 2020, a strategic session of the Rivne furniture cluster will be held, organized by the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Smart People. During the strategic session, participants will identify common problems and obstacles that should unite all cluster members for their common effective solution. The event will be moderated by Vitaliy Ivakhov, board member of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, owner of the 100% Interior furniture company, moderator of strategic sessions with over 20 years of experience.

Ecology and environmental issues

In addition to educational and managerial challenges, the cluster pays great attention to the problems of ecology and environmental conservation.

All these aspects are organically combined in the philosophy of the Kronospan plant, which focuses on environmental concerns. For the first time in Ukraine, the Kronospan plant will introduce the world’s most efficient filtration systems UTWS and WESP. All technological and production processes will be carried out on certified European equipment.

The company’s eco-conscious production requires compliance with Best Available Techniques (BAT) standards. This means not only compliance with existing, but also the introduction of new environmental standards that work to preserve climate. On their own initiative, representatives of the plant turned to the State Institution of Public Health named after A.N. Marzeeva NAMNU ”, which is one of the few laboratories in the country capable of conducting an official laboratory study of existing air pollution. The results obtained showed that the concentrations of the main pollutants are not only lower than permissible, but also so small that professional equipment cannot fix them.

The international company Kronospan implements in Ukraine not only European production standards, but also high principles of openness and cooperation with society. At a meeting with the public, plant managers spoke about measures to improve environmental safety in Novovolynsk. During the tour with production facilities, participants were convinced of the effectiveness of treatment facilities and WESP filters.


Kronospan on its own initiative acquired modern equipment for the installation of the first automatic monitoring station for atmospheric air in the Rivne region. It, in collaboration with the Rivne Regional State Administration and the Gorodotsky Village Council, is planned to be installed in the village. The post in automatic mode not only monitors the air quality near the plant, but also has the ability to transfer data online to the site of the Hydrometeorological Center. Thus, the community will receive an effective tool for monitoring the environmental safety of the new production.
Kronospan also counteracts illegal logging and the export of timber abroad, using exclusively wood of legal origin.

The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers is proud of the activities of the Kronospan factory, supports the values ​​and methods of the company aimed at improving the furniture environment and economic development of the country. UAM wishes good luck to all project participants and the strength to implement the goal of creating a successful Kronospan plant, which will provide a number of these useful opportunities to society and the country.


Kronospan is an international company founded in 1897. Kronospan UA is a 100% Ukrainian subsidiary of Kronospan Holdings PLC. Cronospan is a market leader in the wood panel sector. Kronospan produces such panels at more than 40 sites and has 16 distribution centers in 21 countries of the world.

Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers is an active business association of representatives of the furniture industry in Ukraine, founded in 2001. UAFM includes 226 companies, whose annual turnover exceeds 60% of the market.

Smart People is an educational company engaged in the development of manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine thanks to the support of international donor programs. Since 2014, the company pays great attention to working with furniture and door companies. About 100 owners and heads of furniture and door companies from all over Ukraine undergo training in Rivne annually.

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