From July 23 till July 25, 2018 members of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers took part in
The Trade Mission to Israel, organized by the Export Promotion Office/Офіс з Просування Експорту and
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry
foreign affairs of Ukraine. The program is funded under the ‎#EU4Business initiative
with the support of the  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
Already, Ukraine has good indicators of the development of trade and economic relations with
Israel In 2017, trade between the countries amounted to $ 772.49 million in 5 months of 2018
Ukraine and Israel have already traded for $ 387,50 million.
Of the 22 furniture companies that wanted to visit Israel, only 10 companies had
chance to join the mission. The Export Promotion Office has chosen a business consultant,
conducted over 15 individual interviews with companies to identify potential,
has prepared more than 100 B2B meetings and the Israeli-Ukrainian business summit.
Most of the Ukrainian furniture companies that took part in the trade mission are
UAM members:  TopArt Nature of Art, Atelier Lilu
(designer furniture for children), Elizabeth de la Vega (custom design of upholstered furniture),
Vavilon Виготовлення дизайнерських меблів на замовлення для вашого проекту (furniture for individual interior), Pavlyk (table and chairs manufacturer), AGT plus (manufacturer of interior doors and wooden panels), Mirt Company (classic and
contemporaries of interior furniture), Eskada-M (manufacturer of veneered slabs).

During the trading mission, furniture makers took part in B2B meetings with Israelis
companies, in which they negotiated potential contracts, supplies,
discussed the trends and tastes of potential partners. Israelis change furniture in
bedrooms about once every seven years; they love natural elements in the decor; in trend
– colors and textures that create a warm atmosphere, it is desirable to have restored
old furniture, items that carry “nostalgia”;
Israelis want again and again
“Fall in love” with their homes and apartments, so they often change their homes,
adding new details; Another trend is to make the “sea” in the house: blue colors,
lightness, sand, transparent furniture; It is fashionable to use concrete, wood, metal, glass.
The advice of participants in the trade mission on what should pay attention to the Ukrainian
furniture manufacturers: check the competitiveness of their prices, furniture in Israel is not
luxury, they must be adequate in price, functional, with
interesting design elements.
During a trading mission, a group of furniture companies also visited the Dan Design Center, in
which has more than 80 furniture stores and accessories for home. Owners and
the managers of the center’s shops willingly answered the questions of the Ukrainian delegation and
opened the secrets of sales, design and preferences of the Israelis.
We wish you success and enthusiasm for the members of the UAM, who duly represented the brand
#Furniture_of_Ukraine in Israel and helped to increase the prestige of Ukrainian furniture!
Ahead of the Ukrainian furniture makers, there are many more new meetings and talks with
Israeli companies.



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