Competition award ceremony UAFM: “Furnishman of the Year 2021”

On October 20, 2009, we announced the Furnishman of the Year competition to identify and celebrate the best of the best furniture industry. We planned to hold a solemn ceremony at a bright party under the slogan “Shine because you are worth it.” The insidious war changed but did not ruin our plans. Using the Ukrainian superpower of flexibility, we still held a solemn event in the online format and agreed to meet at a grand celebration after the victory. We are sure that the “Victory Party” will definitely be because each of us is already a winner and our inner radiance will not hold back and will not extinguish any enemy, any obstacle. And while we are approaching the victory, each in his place, we offer to watch videos from the event, watch the works of participants and once again congratulate our winners.


According to the results of online voting among furniture makers:

In the nomination “Reliable Partner of the Year” in the top three are the following companies: “ViYar” – 1st place, “European Design School” – 2nd place, “AGT Plus” – 3rd place.

In the nomination “Company of the Year” the best companies are LLC “Factory BASSA” (small business), “MIM-K” (medium business), and “Merx” (big business).

Meet the competition jury:

  • Vitaly Ivakhov, owner of the company 100% Interior
  • Kateryna Tereshchenko, designer, co-founder and head of the commercial interior design studio “NUMO BURO”
  • Sviatoslav Amelin, co-founder and CEO of MebelOk furniture marketplace
  • Dmytro Medyanyk, co-founder and director of the European Design School
  • Oksana Donska, Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, Head of the Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo and the UAFM cluster platform
  • Svitlana and Serhiy Zaburanni, founders of the interior and subject design studio DesignMe, organizers of educational trips for our architects and designers around the world.

According to the results of the voting of the jury members, the winners in the following nominations were

ART is an object

1st place was taken by Spalax LLC for the Supernova Lamp


2nd Tiger LLC with the Arc de Triomphe in the LCD French Quarter


2nd place BONART with Footcourt for LOGITY


“Furniture masterpiece of the year”:

VERDI company with the masterpiece “Quartz cabinet CINCIN” (category: cabinet furniture)


LLC “BASSA Factory”, Showroom kitchen (category: kitchens)


Kint, Weekend armchair and sofa (category: upholstered furniture)


VERDI, Стіл CHICAGO (категорія: столи та стільці) 


Project of the year

MANKA STUDIO, PS-4 (category: living quarters)


Zone of Comfort, SLS Group Law Firm (category: offices)


Maven Group, Queen Odessa (category: HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes))


Serial furniture bestseller

1st place went to MAIIMO and a collection of furniture for storage ORIGAMI


2nd place went to VERDI and Chair SEM


3rd place went to Kidigo with the bestseller “Children’s Complex World of Entertainment”


We are grateful to the members of the jury for their support of the competition, participation in the development of rules and attention to each work in the evaluation. We thank each participant of the competition for quality work, inspiring work and desire to win. You are all worthy of respect and we are proud of each of you!

See you at the “Victory Party”!


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