Competition award ceremony: “Furniture Manufacturer of the Year”

Shine, you are worth it!

This phrase has become pervasive in our annual Furniture Manufacturer of the Year competition. The purpose of the competition was to show what furniture masterpieces our UAFM participants make and that we really have something to be proud of!

The terrible war has made its adjustments in our lives, homes and businesses… Everything has changed, but the fact remains that we are Ukrainians and we have something to be proud of! Our inner radiance will be able to overcome all evil and show the whole world that we are worthy, strong and independent!

And in order to remind all of you that you are unique, original and cool, we want to announce the results of the competition “Furniture of the Year 2021”.

The award ceremony will take place online on June 24 at 16:00.

In the program of the event:

  1. Speeches by members of the competition jury.
    – Vitaly Ivakhov
    – Oksana Donska
    – Kateryna Tereshchenko
    – Svyatoslav Amelin
    – Dmitry Medyanik
    – Serhiy and Svitlana Zaburanni

2. Presentations of the winners’ works
3. Winners announcement ceremony

We will definitely do the ceremony offline at the first UAFM event after the war. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your courage and announce the winners of the competition.


We are waiting for all of you on June 24 at 16:00.



We sincerely hope that this event will give a little optimism and inspire the creation of new masterpieces.

Everything will be Ukraine! Victory for us!

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