Webinar: Emotional burnout

We invite you to the webinar: Emotional burnout, which will take place on November 26, 2021.

In the webinar, we will talk about what applies to everyone, regardless of age, gender and social status. The focus of our attention is BURNINGOUT.

👉 The topic of emotional burnout – today, as never before, is close and clear to everyone who works hard, is a creative person, every day is responsible for the success of their own business and the efficiency and psychological state of the team as a whole.

👉 Decreased productivity, emotional imbalance, physical exhaustion, inability to devote time to their loved ones, desires and hobbies. What to do with it?

👉 It is important to maintain yourself in a resource-adequate state of life.

👉 Do not delay internal changes, because your life result depends on the ability to be focused on tasks, while maintaining emotional lightness and clarity of mind.

The problem is obvious, but the search for really effective solutions out of thousands of existing ones – sometimes causes a state of frustration.

🟡 That is why together with UAFM partners – ASPRING, we will hold a live presentation, which will demonstrate the theoretical and practical system programs to overcome the state of burnout ASPRING.

Two representatives from UAFM member companies will visit ASPRING co-authors Tetyana Petrasheva and Victoria Nosenko to personally experience the effectiveness of craniosacral therapy as one of the three elements around which the program is built. And all this will take place live.


When: November 26, 2021, beginning at 12:00


* Participation in the webinar is free for UAFM members.

More information about ASPRING – on the project website https://aspring.life


See you!

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