Webinar: Introduction to Furniture of Ukraine

Hello, friends 👋

We are the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, which unites manufacturers, designers, architects and everyone who seeks to create a quality Ukrainian product.

Together we are capable of cool things! And now we need you!

Do you know how to invent something incredible and are you ready to combine your talent with real business? Do you have ambitious goals and are you ready to conquer the world?

What about the world in which Ukraine is one of the best countries, maybe not in everything, but in the vision and creation of beauty: furniture, lighting, decor, interiors?

📣We have already announced a competition to create the best “viral” video to promote Ukrainian furniture production, because we have all the prerequisites for the phrase #made_in_Ukraine to become synonymous with quality and modernity, and Ukraine to take a worthy place in the center of European furniture.

In order to introduce you to Furniture of Ukraine, share our vision and tell us about us, we decided to hold a webinar: Introduction to Furniture of Ukraine.

When: 03.06.2020 at 16:00

Link to the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87528510077

As speakers, we have chosen people who, like no other, will be able to share with you information about the furniture industry:

Volodymyr Patis – President of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, co-owner of Eskada-M
Oksana Donska – member of the UAFM audit commission, co-owner of the MebelOK online store
Vitaliy Ivakhov – Member of the Board of UAFM, Chairman of the Design Platform of UAFM, owner of the brand “100% Interior”

See you on Wednesday, our talented friends 🙂

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