Which profession is better to choose? Future profession – FURNITURE MAKER

Which profession to choose? Future profession – FURNITURE MAKER
Each high school student in his time has a problem of choice: where to go to study? Which profession to choose? How to get to the budget place?

Furniture maker education

Today, we want to tell more about the furniture maker’s profession, demonstrating that this is a worthy and prestigious profession, and in the absence of applicants there are a large number of budget places, so another advantage is that the future furniture specialist will receive education free of charge.

According to the data of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the most popular professional areas among university entrants in 2018 were the following:

  • philology 75934 statements;
  • law of 72965 applications;
  • management 47,695 applications;
  • computer science 38374 applications;
  • economy 29,702 statements.

About 200 applications were submitted to the specialty “Woodworking and furniture technologies”.

According to the ratings of the Introduction. Osvita.UA Information System for comparison, the average VNO score on the budget at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2018 was 186.57 points, the average VNO score on the budget at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in that the same year was – 157.03 at the National Forestry University of Ukraine – 150.70 points.

Modern furniture maker is an intellectual work

This phenomenon is due to the lack of information about the profession, because very few people know that bachelors and masters of the furniture industry are not designers, they are designers and designers who use IT technologies in their work, that is, they perform intellectual work. The big myth is that the profession of a furniture maker is a constant noise, dirt and manual labor, but no, today the profession of a furniture maker is a head work, silence and constant inspiration.

Ukrainian industrial designers compete for prizes and awards at international subject design competitions such as Red Dot Design Awards, Industart, International Design Award, Design and Design International Awards, etc.

Ukrainian furniture manufacturers adorn the Facebook office in London, the Mall in Dubai, the Al badie group residence, the Royal Beach Hotel in Eilat and many other famous places in the world.

Furniture maker – an international profession will be relevant for many decades

Today, a specialist in the furniture industry is needed in Ukraine, Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Already today, Ukrainian furniture is exported to 90 countries. Specialists from Ukraine surprise the visitors of international furniture exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Cologne, Toronto and other cities with the results of their work.

Modern technologies penetrate all spheres of human life. However, food, clothing and furniture will still be needed by mankind. It is likely that the design, materials and production technologies are changing, and the needs for the functions of furniture items remain unchanged. Therefore, experts in this industry have all the possibilities to make inventions and apply them in the process of manufacturing interior items in Ukraine or anywhere in the world.

Furniture-maker student works by profession during his studies

It is possible to acquire knowledge and a furniture maker’s diploma both in Higher education institutions, and in vocational schools, as well as in private schools. Among the specialties that are needed today in the labor market are the following:

  • furniture production technologist,
  • furniture designer,
  • product designer,
  • machine tool adjuster,
  • production quality controller,
  • furniture picker,
  • machinists,
  • painter,
  • grinder,
  • carpenter
  • seamstress,
  • upholstery and many others.


Within the framework of the Platform of Training, the UAFM staff specially made a selection of higher and specialized technical educational institutions of Ukraine to make it easier for applicants to choose an educational institution, and furniture makers to find qualified specialists or take students to practice and familiarize them with the specifics of the professional work and furniture industry:

Anyone wishing to join the Training Platform, please contact the UAFM Directorate.

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