In search of new sales channels for furniture makers, we have identified one of the priorities – participation in public procurement.

We offer you to view the records of UAFM webinars: Participation in public procurement:

🔘 New rules for bidders in Prozorro. We participate in tenders and win!

Speaker: Anna Sevostyanova

🔘 Successful participation in public tenders abroad. Universal tips

Speaker: Taras Shymko

🔘 How to win and defend your rights in public procurement

Speaker: Alexander Nikitenkov

We also offer for review textbooks that were developed under the grant project Tender Together:

🔘 Guide to Public Procurement in Foreign Markets of GPA Countries

The booklet contains general data on public procurement in foreign markets of countries that are parties to the WTO GPA; information on public procurement by industry; participation analytics, industry-specific information.

Author: Taras Shymko.

🔘 Guidelines for Ukrainian companies to participate in international and Ukrainian public procurement

The manual contains standards, basic requirements for certification and qualifications, a set of documents.

Authors: Anna Sevostyanova, Taras Shymko.

🔘 Guide “Creating an SME association for joint participation in public tenders. Internal Policies for SME Associations “

Author: Julia Strykovska.

The manual contains algorithms and regulatory framework for the creation of an association of SMEs for joint participation in public tenders. Sample agreements, standard policy provisions, procedures, rules of exclusion from SME associations to participate in joint tenders, rules of interaction between SME representatives. For more efficient and transparent work of partner organizations, 4 internal policies have been developed: “Policy on contractual management”, “Integrity and compliance”, “Communication rules”, “Exclusion of a participant from the consortium”.

Let’s create a better furniture environment in Ukraine together!

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