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Amendments to the Tax Code will come into force soon

Payments of “child” assistance have begun

“Design for the real world” is published in Ukrainian

IKEA in Ukraine: a hitch at the start

Useful experience of neighbours

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:   

1. President Volodymyr Zelensky intends to sign the law on amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in January. It is also planned to immediately introduce legislative initiatives to the parliament, which will further simplify tax administration, regulate the introduction of new fiscal instruments, based on the economic situation related to quarantine restrictions in Ukraine and the world (transition period), reduce fines for tax offences. In addition, the concept of “guilt” and “business purpose” must be significantly improved, the tax authorities will not have the right to set the number of fines at their discretion, said Deputy Head of the Office of the President Julia Kovalev.

2. On May 15, the government began paying promised benefits to children under the age of 10 to self-employed persons who have opted for a simplified taxation system and belong to the first and second groups of single taxpayers, the press service of the Ministry of Social Policy said on Facebook. Another condition for receiving such funds is the fact that the entrepreneur pays a single contribution to the compulsory social insurance for the whole of 2019 or for all months of 2019 after registration. You can apply for assistance online on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy.

The amount of assistance is the subsistence level set for children of the relevant age groups as of January 1, 2020. This is 1,779 hryvnias for children under 6 and 2,218 hryvnias for children aged 6-10. The benefit will be paid throughout the quarantine and 30 days after its completion. That is, at least in May and June. However, families who receive benefits under the Municipal Nanny program will not be able to apply for this “child” assistance either.

3. “Design for the real world” by Victor Papanek, one of those revolutionary books that were written by the most famous practices of architecture and design of the XX century, the efforts of the European School of Design published in Ukrainian. Its appearance at the turn of 1960-1970 was perceived as an explosion that shook the foundations of the then theories of functionalism with its ideas of unified elegance of forms. In the early ‘90s, the first edition underwent changes: new material was added to reflect changes in the dynamic world of design.

Speaking in design against the glorification of “perfect forms”, fashion for “high-tech” and unbridled commercial distaste, Papanek foresaw many loud slogans of today’s “greens” and anti-globalists.

4. In July last year, IKEA launched the Ukrainian version of its website. However, at that time only vacancies were posted on the portal. Now there are products and the opportunity to make a purchase: exactly 3600 products are available. All prices are in hryvnias, and these goods can be ordered. Orders can be picked up at two delivery points in Kyiv.

But, having opened an online store last Thursday and thus officially launched IKEA on the Ukrainian market, the Ukrainian representative office of the Swedish furniture giant warned customers the next day about possible problems. The website said that the web resource “is currently running slowly and it may be temporarily impossible to purchase goods.” However, the site administrators did not specify how long they will be able to eliminate the difficulties.

5. In Zelenograd, Russia, a Center for Research and Development in the Furniture Industry is being built to give a new impetus to its development. The total area of ​​the complex will reach seven thousand square meters. In addition to the laboratory building, a production shop will be built.

The main task of the complex is the development and implementation of new technologies of furniture production.

The two-storey production unit of the Center will be functionally divided into two independent parts – direct production and repair shops.


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