“FUBE-2021”: feedback from exhibitors. Julia Fishman, Oskar Kinderland

Impressions will be enough for the next exhibition

A month has passed since the first Ukrainian international B2B exhibition Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo came to an end, and the off-season silence has settled in the country pavilions of the KyivExoPlaza exhibition complex. But its organizers, participants and foreign guests are still learning the characteristic exhibition noise, which will not be remembered for a long time because the event was truly extraordinary. But when it settles down, the FUBE-2021 exhibition will still remind of itself, because what was acquired at it will develop, strengthen, grow into real contracts and promising business relationships.

Let this selection of impressions gathered from its participants and guests be bright and fresh when they were full of them.

We publish feedback from participants in turn. Each of them can be read on the UAFM website in the “News of the exhibition” category.

Julia Fishman (Oskar Kinderland Trading Company, Germany):

– Great idea of ​​the exhibition – congratulations to the organizers on this success. Our company has been selling Ukrainian furniture to almost all-powerful manufacturers in Germany for many years, so we were interested in such a great opportunity to acquire new suppliers as soon as we learned about this new Ukrainian furniture exhibition.

The fact that the Ukrainian furniture industry is developing rapidly is evidenced not only by its need for an exhibition of this format but also by the pace of increasing sales of Ukrainian furniture by our retail network. We accept up to three hundred trucks filled with Ukrainian furniture every month. Six years ago we started cooperation with a couple of furniture companies, and now we have a business partnership with two dozen Ukrainian manufacturers.

The requirements of our crash tests (so-called emergency tests) are quite high and strict, but those companies that work with us have proven that they can safely transport their products – at the level of European logistics standards. And in the stylistic sense, they suit us: it is mostly minimalist modernism. And although this exhibition presents the furniture of companies already well known to us, their novelties are pleasant surprises for us. There were several new companies for us, whose products may be promising for the German furniture market, but still did not meet a single stand, which would not be something interesting. I did not meet any “extra” participants for this exhibition.

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