FURNITURE BUSINESS ACADEMY: special course on marketing and finance in the focus of the furniture business

You waited and we did!

Only for UAFM’s participants.
Only knowledge adapted to the furniture industry is the focus of your needs.
Only the best teachers, experts, real business cases.
All for the growth of your business.
Because your success is part of our common prosperity as a single industry.


it is a UAFM brand that embodies all the educational products, knowledge, training materials and practical skills that the association produces for its members, with the main goal – to provide them with the necessary basis for a powerful impetus to the development of the whole industry.

Furniture: how to sell and count – SPECIAL COURSE ON MARKETING AND FINANCE in the focus of the furniture business. Experts and speakers of the course adapted their training courses to the needs of the furniture industry. This is not just a course – this is a course tailored to the characteristics of the furniture industry.

10 “yes” – why FBA?

  • transformation of the company in one and a half months of the course
  • practical knowledge and effective tools for use in the furniture business
  • homework from experts
  • mentoring hours from experts for 1 month after training
  • the short duration of the course adapted specifically to the needs of the furniture business
  • special guests for evening storytelling
  • cases of market participants
  • training presentations from partners
  • only for UAFM’s participants
  • networking with colleagues and the unique Merch Academy for students

Read more at the link below and apply!
We have only 30 seats, so have time to take your own.

about FBA

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