Inclusive design – open opportunities for furniture production

“Companies looking to work in international markets need to be  inclusive, they need to think about technologies that are comfortable for people, they need to think about how their product will change people’s lives.”

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba Group

We are glad that the isolation is complete and plan to change our present for the better. So we suggest looking in the direction where isolation continues now and trying to be useful where we are needed. To help people who are deprived of opportunities for a free and comfortable life and movement due to physical limitations, and to occupy an almost free niche in Ukraine.

UAFM has invited an expert who has lifted the curtain on the other side of life, which is sometimes difficult to see, but we are able to improve these realities and put a business on socially important levels of inclusive production.

The speaker of the webinar was Alexander Vorona

❖ President – Unions of public organizations of people with disabilities in Kyiv

❖ Director – Center for Inclusive Design

❖ Co-founder – Association of Alumni of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School

❖ Master of Business Administration for owners   (Presidents’ Master of Business Administration) of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

❖ Certified consultant on accessibility according to international standards (Certificate from the “Global Alliance on Available Technologies and Environments”

Alexander spoke about the need to introduce inclusiveness in the furniture business, noted that this niche in our country is still unclaimed and called on furniture manufacturers to find growth points in this area.

Reasons for the need to introduce inclusiveness in the furniture business:

● Increasing the number of people with disabilities ( 3 million people – 6% of the population of Ukraine );

● The ageing trend and the need to take into account the needs of the elderly ( 9.4 million people over 60 or 22% of the population of Ukraine );

● Increasing the number of parents with prams and preschool children, pregnant women seeking an active lifestyle – 4% of the population ;

● Public awareness of the importance of the accessible environment, its compliance with the needs of citizens.

Inclusive design:

design that takes into account human diversity (abilities, language, culture, gender, age and other human differences)

Inclusive Design Research Center

OCAD University

An affordable, inclusive business product or service is:

● expanding the range of consumers;

● formation of a loyal and loyal consumer;

● unique market positioning.

The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers supports the development of the furniture business and encourages all furniture makers looking for additional growth opportunities to pay attention to inclusiveness and add inclusiveness to their cases, which will not only be an additional product line but also demonstrate to consumers and potential partners. your active public position, significantly increasing the level of trust in your business in international markets.

For advice on implementing an inclusive direction in business, we invite you to contact Alexander Vorona:

Website: spilka.kiev.ua,

Email: spilka_kiev@ukr.net

Tell:   063 888-0-444

Let’s create a better furniture environment in Ukraine together!


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