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  • Adaptive quarantine gives positive results
  • As before, it will not be
  • Ambassadors must also be sellers
  • Is trade in Czech furniture legal in Donetsk?
  • The forest is being cut down – “cod is flying” to “IKEA”

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. Quarantine restrictions in Ukraine have not stopped the spread of coronavirus, but the use of an adaptive model of quarantine has allowed the domestic economy to thaw. This conclusion was reached by analysts at the Center for Economic Strategy.

The first results of the transition to adaptive quarantine confirmed the validity of this model. In general, after the introduction of adaptive quarantine, industrial output increased from 83% of the level of 2019 in April to 88% of last year’s level in May, experts say.

However, analysts emphasize that despite the easing of the blow to the economy, there are still risks of deepening the crisis. “Due to the constant threat of returning to the limits of full-scale recovery of the affected sectors of the economy will not happen. Therefore, the government should introduce targeted support to those who have suffered the most, while maintaining effective adaptive quarantine measures in the future , “economists advise.

2. 68% of companies in Ukraine have already fully or partially returned to work in offices, as evidenced by official statistics.

60% of the surveyed entrepreneurs plan to keep the company’s staff unchanged, 28% – plan to reduce, another 13% hire new employees.

In the next six months, 69% of respondents plan to keep wages unchanged, 21% think about downsizing, and only 9% are thinking about raising.

3. During his visit to the Kherson region, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that ambassadors should be ambassadors of Ukrainian exports and be able to sell domestic products.

Now, on the initiative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the institute of trade missions is being restored to promote our products. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is developing a corresponding concept. Within a month or two, she should earn. The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers is already preparing an appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate in promoting the export of furniture products under a single brand FURNITURE OF UKRAINE.

4. A blue armchair and a high bar stool stand in a shop window under a flag used by Russian-controlled forces in the captured part of the Donetsk region of Ukraine. In the next window, a sign in Russian advertises furniture from the Czech Republic. It hangs just above the name and official logo of Hanak. The Ukrainian Embassy in Prague is trying to find out whether Hanak is violating Ukrainian laws or not.

5. The British Guard writes that timber is harvested on an industrial scale in Ukraine during the so-called “quiet” periods, when forests cannot be touched so that birds and other wild animals can reproduce. This is evidenced by the investigation of the environmental organization “Earthsight”. Loggers use loopholes in the legislation that allow sanitary felling during “quiet” periods.

Part of this illegally felled forest goes to companies that are suppliers of wood for the Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA, according to the Earthsight report. IKEA denies the violation. The company told The Guardian that it would abandon any supplier who violates environmental regulations.


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