Balkan character “Dresser”

Balkan character “Dresser”
Each company implements export tactics and strategy taking into account its own realities. Someone smiles at luck, and foreign customers are on their own, and someone has been building an export path for years before it leads to the desired result. Which company has an extensive network of export deliveries, and one company needs only one foreign market. The capital company «Комод» столярное производство is just one of these – currently carries out its foreign economic activity in one direction – the Balkan. Its head of sales, Дмитрий Логвинов, explained this selectivity.
For ten years now, Komod LTD has had close business and fairly productive relations with a partner who is actively investing in construction. For his new buildings “Komod LTD” and performs furniture and interior orders. For some time now, the developer partner began to direct its funds towards the construction of public facilities in Croatia. He did not change the furniture contractor; in arranging foreign objects, he trusted a trusted partner. In this way, “Komod LTD” brought the line. And brought, figuratively speaking, by the hand. I attracted my experienced brokers who solved all transport issues, took over the customs procedures, and this furniture company was lucky. “It has become obvious to us: in order to ensure trouble-free delivery of our goods across the border, we must trust, as in everything, professionals – reliable, trusted managers and brokers,” said Dmitry.
– Did you complete the complex furnishings of the Croatian new buildings of this partner?
– To a greater extent created exclusive interior elements. Recently, for a large entertainment center with a casino, a disco, another set of facilities for recreation. Earlier (for three years now we have been sending our products to Croatia) there were similar facilities – three casinos, a night club. What could easily be bought, the developer bought. This also applied to furniture, as it turned out cheaper than producing and transporting them from Kiev. We made those interior elements according to the architectural design; we, that is, our employees, mounted and installed them on site without any special difficulties, because the author of the projects is already familiar to us the Ukrainian architect. Such a long-time developer partner, like our company. Jointly implemented more than one project for the past ten years, so they worked together.
– Those exclusive interior items of wood character?
– Not only. But also glass, metal.
– So, “Komod LTD” is a “jack of all trades”?
– Now there is no need for this. There are trusted contractors, cancellations work with glass, metal, stone, fulfilling our orders.
It must be said that such a successful way of entering Croatia would not be entrepreneurial only to fulfill specific target orders of the building partner. Therefore, the managers of the company undertook along the way to study the Croatian market, look for other potential customers there in order to interest them in their furniture and gain a foothold in the Croatian market, which they so successfully hit. And there, you see, it will be possible to master all the Balkans.
By the way, recently there was an attempt to move in another export direction – English. This is when a group of furniture makers, members of the UAFM, visited the UK and, in particular, the Manchester furniture exhibition. However, one can understand from the words of Dmitry Logvinov that the trip was not productive for the company, unfortunately. “The country is filled with cheap Malaysian furniture, which is difficult to compete with.” Nevertheless, the trip to England was useful in its own way: at least it expanded the idea of ​​foreign markets, furniture trends and priorities there. There is hope that the Association will continue to organize such “landings” in promising markets, therefore, the search for new markets will continue for Komod.

The section “Success Stories” was founded as part of a grant project with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Bureau in Ukraine, the name of the project: “Improving the level of cooperation and trust with joint participation in international and national public procurement” – TENDER TOGETHER.

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