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To make your weekends as useful and informative as possible, we will play one book of Наш Формат publishing house every Friday.

To participate, you need to repost this publication with the hashtag #нашформат #uafm #furnitureofukraine #УАМ #книжка_від_УАМ and on Thursdays we will randomly determine the winner. The lucky one will receive a book as a gift.

And the book that we are happy to give this Friday: “The emotional intelligence of a leader”
Authors: Daniel Bowlman, Richard Boyacis, Annie Mackey

For a long time, people believed that emotions in business relationships harm the normal functioning of companies. However, to manage is not only to establish processes, create a strategy and produce strong ideas. A true leader should inspire, arouse enthusiasm, maintain motivation in people and find their strengths. What gives the leader the strength to burn his work and stay true to the company? How does it create an atmosphere conducive to creative ideas and innovations?
In this book, experts from emotional intelligence explain why emotions, the ability to understand and empathize help, rather than prevent a leader from managing a team. They also focus on how to develop emotional leadership skills in themselves.

This book can be purchased at the link – https://bit.ly/2kjHQh0

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