And they themselves export, and help furniture makers

And they themselves export, and help furniture makers
Svalyavskoye WPES LTD – WPES LTD – Ліцензований виробник піддонів EPAL specializes – as evidenced by its name – the production of Euro pallets. The company took the furniture community to the community not because it does not yet have the Pallet Workers Association in Ukraine, and not so much because it is related to woodworkers and furniture manufacturers, but because it can be an assistant for furniture manufacturers with its pallet and container products. Partnership with manufacturers of containers and packaging for furniture makers is really necessary for the convenient and safe implementation of their logistics needs. And especially when furniture products are transported over long distances – to foreign markets, for export.
“We ourselves are exporters,” says Мірко Кошун (Мирослав Кошун), CEO of Wood Palletten Express Service. – We export pallets to European countries, in particular to Germany. It would seem, well, what is a pallet compared to structurally complex furniture products? A simple craft product, ingeniously knocked down from several planks and bars. But in Europe, our customers have high demands on our products. And they concern not only the reliability of the pallets, the correspondence of their actual load capacity to the declared, but also the safety for the lack of wood, from which beaten, for example, bark beetles. Forests of several European countries, in particular Germany, suffer from bark beetle. There is a suspicion among Europeans that these gluttonous bugs get in with imported wood and even migrate in products from it. There may well be such a possibility. Therefore, the requirements for our products are high. It is guaranteed by the appropriate heat treatment of wood raw materials from which pallets are made. Such processing is mandatory, although our company is based in the ecological zone, in the Carpathians, which allows us to use only natural high-quality raw materials for all our products. I will say more: optimization of resources is one of our obligations, therefore we provide completely waste-free production.
To become an exporter, the company had to become a certified pallet manufacturer with the EPAL (European Association of Pallet Manufacturers) quality mark. The EPAL quality mark on pallets of our company guarantees the complete safety of their use. The technology by which our pallets are made minimizes the possibility of their breakage during transportation, loading or unloading of products.
In the industry community of furniture makers, we agreed not only because we see a mutual need for cooperation, that they need our products, but in the hope of creating cluster groups within the UAFM or at least with its assistance. For example, we would take part in the creation of a cluster in which suppliers of wood materials, which are needed by both furniture makers and palletists, furniture makers and we, peletniks, who would facilitate them in solving logistics needs, could unite. In such a “company”, those who provide logistic services – which are needed both by us and the furniture makers, would not be superfluous.
Within the framework of this cluster, its participants could cooperate quite closely and diversely in partnership, helping each other out. Sometimes the materials used by furniture makers — for example, packaging materials — may be urgently needed by us, so you don’t have to look for a long time — the cluster partners will help out. They may need the materials with which we work, in turn we will help. We can order each other on favorable terms high-quality contract work. We can advise furniture makers on logistics issues – how best to prepare this or that type of product for transportation in order to be reliable and safe. Especially when it becomes necessary to manufacture non-standard pallets. I’d like some kind of cooperation and partnership. Moreover, our company not only produces euro pallets, but also provides rental, repair and exchange of pallets. That is, we offer a comprehensive range of services.

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