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Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. By 2020, Poland will provide Ukraine with 160,000 entry permits. But the Ministry of Infrastructure promised to insist on increasing the quota to 200,000 entries.
Starting November 12, Poland will cancel the previous number of entry permits of 160,000. To return to the country of registration in Ukrainian freight carriers there is time until December 31. The issue of establishing a permit quota for 2020 will be finally considered at a meeting of the infrastructure ministers of Ukraine and Poland, which will take place tentatively at the end of November.
Every year Ukraine receives transportation licenses from Poland. This year Warsaw has reduced the quota by a quarter. The Ministry of Infrastructure explains: there are few licenses left, so I had to resort to daily limits – to last until the end of the year.
2. Since November, all Ukrainian banks have switched to using the international standard bank account numbers. Now, the bank account numbers of bank customers in Ukraine contain 29 characters and meet the requirements of the IBAN standard, which is used in Europe. Due to the reduction in the number of details of the use of this international standard, it makes it comfortable to draw up settlement documents, they say in the National Bank.
The bank account number, according to the IBAN standard, will contain 29 characters:
Ukraine code UA (2 letters)
control digit (2 digits)
bank code (6 digits)
account itself – the length of the account number is not fixed (until October 31, 2019 – from 5 to 14 characters, from November 1, 2019 – from 5 to 19 characters).
Old details can be used until January 12, 2020.

3. Over the past 20 years, more than 27 books and more than 300 articles have been written about customer focus, but until now companies producing goods and providing services have shown tremendous negligence in this matter. Often negligence is manifested at the stage of the proposal.
Negligence, pattern work – that’s what repels a potential customer. For more than 20 years, all the outstanding marketers in the world speak with one voice: a personal approach and a study of needs are the main drivers of sales.
Sellers usually use template offers of goods and services for “cheap” customers. When the contract value is low, business development managers (sales managers) decide not to bother too much and send a template to potential customers. There is a certain logic in this, but where is the strategic thinking? An excellently executed order for a small amount can lead to a large order, as well as the recommendations of satisfied customers to a large customer. The most important thing is to offer your products / services in such a way that even too expensive ones become desirable.

4. Using augmented reality, the Italian furniture brand Natuzzi takes premium service to a new level. In new showrooms, customers can choose furniture for the digital version of their home or apartment, and Microsoft VR glasses will help to interact with the space: rearrange objects, replace colors and models.
The company believes that such a level of presence will reduce closures by three times and reduce store space – after augmented reality is available at every point in the global network, it will not be necessary to keep furniture in stores.
In the future, Natuzzi will offer customers to select furniture using augmented reality, without leaving home.

5. The young startup “Choco” is creating a platform that helps manufacturing companies work effectively with suppliers. The creators want to deprive the parties of the “dead phone” and make the process of supplying materials and components more simple and convenient.
The application has a familiar interface, it has a chat for communication with suppliers and a list of what you can order from them – to add and remove positions.
“We do not just want to build relationships between manufacturers and suppliers with the help of collected data, analytics and a built-in communication system, we strive to help entrepreneurs optimally and efficiently plan stocks: save them from surplus stocks or lack of supplies,” says Choco’s Executive Director Daniel Hatchab.

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