The success story of UAFM members: EXPORT

Success is more than you could expect.

To begin with, the workshop of modern Ukrainian design and architecture Sergey Makhno Architects is already an indisputable success of its founder, the famous domestic designer Sergey Makhno (Sergiy Makhno). Confirmation of this is dozens of large-scale, interesting, complex, ambitious projects successfully implemented both in Ukraine and abroad (in 21 countries of the world). But each person has his own Hoverla, which will take years to climb, and each project has been successfully implemented is just a step towards the conquest of the summit. Apparently, we won’t be mistaken if we say that last year’s became such a peak for the workshop and its founder – it’s not a guest room, but a full-fledged, self-sufficient, with its own stand of 100 square meters – participation in the Milanese iSaloni, the largest and most prestigious international design exhibition. Yes, this is success, but it was not easy, as, in fact, all significant is given. This will be a short story using the information materials that were provided to us by the company’s marketer Tatyana Vakula.
When the complex installation of the stand began, when participation in the exhibition became materially obvious, I remembered what approaches were to this: in the first years of the appearance of “iSaloni” overwhelmed with admiration for what they saw and the scale of the world design forum, then they began to timidly creep into the dream consciousness: “ if only I could join myself in the creation of this grandiose action. ” Further – more: they began to take a closer look, try on: and what kind of participation of “Sergey Makhno Architects” could be in this design holiday, and then “take a look”. A couple of years ago, it was already decided to participate, but sober calculations cooled the ardor: early. And 2018 finally their time has come! In the fall, they filed an application, passed the long and rather boring procedure of checking the debutant for compliance with the criteria and requirements of “iSaloni”, paper and financial troubles. They did not complain, knowing that the organizers of the exhibition rightly care that the represented companies show the proper quality of the product and have sufficient production capacities to fully satisfy potential customers with whom they have contact at the exhibition.
It turned out to be lengthy to agree with the organizers of the exhibition not so much the concept of the Inside.Out stand in the form of a hanging cube, as its implementation in the exhibition hall. In a hurry, they facilitated the construction of the cube to allow it to be suspended according to the plan of the Sergey Makhno Architects team. Such a whim cost ten thousand euros. And this is just the direct suspension of the cube. But in the end, the concept worked: visitors to the stand had to bend down to go in and see what was inside the cube. And it intrigued them. And there was Ukrainian ceramics, the main content of the exhibition “Sergey Makhno Architects” at the exhibition location Euroluce.
Although they had dozens of projects implemented abroad in Milan and got so many “surprises” on the way to it that they felt that they were newcomers. Here is how Sergey Makhno recalls this: “We drove everything in three cars – two 15-ton trucks and one less. All documents were duly executed. Everything that was brought there was required to be delivered back. But in one car there was a loose mixture for wall plastering. It is clear that you can’t take her back. Customs did not arrange this option; they detained the car for almost three days. I had to buy new materials on the spot.
The second day of installation. Gathered a piece of the wall. Carabinieri come in here. “According to safety rules, you cannot work on a stand without helmets and slippers with a metal toe. Buy. ” And the helmet – 9 euros, slippers – 105. The visit of the carabinieri was not cheap for us. ” So, when knowledgeable people assure that the budget for participation in an international exhibition usually doubles as much as planned, this is good business planning, and the result is that unpredictable surprises await you.
At Sergey Makhno Architects no one regrets either the unpredictable and significant move beyond the planned budget for this exhibition project, or the expended effort and nerves that he was worth, including because of his debut “surprises”, which are time after at once arose. In general, the debut came running, which is confirmed by Sergey Makhno: “I got even more than I could have expected.” Next to the strong exhibitors, the Ukrainian participant not only did not lose with his original stand, but visitors also testified, and in some respects it prevailed among those who have not been new to iSaloni for a long time. Several prestigious specialized publications wrote about the exhibits of the Ukrainian workshop at once. And this is largely because the workshop of Sergey Makhno was interesting, first of all, as a debutant, a newcomer to this design festival, which, moreover, did not turn out to be commonplace, but brought to the discerning audience “all the most interesting thing that they” hurt “and lived the last ten years. ”

For Sergey Makhno Architects workshop, participation is desired and obtained (some applicants have been submitting applications for five years, and for five years they have not been given the go-ahead to deploy their booth at this exhibition) is not an end in itself like “seeing Paris – and die!” “Makhnovists” aim to become its “regulars”. So, they plan to go to Milan this year as participants in the design forum, this time to demonstrate furniture. Therefore, their next success, but with less trouble and even more significant results!

The section “Success Stories” was founded as part of a grant project with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Bureau in Ukraine, the name of the project: “Increasing the level of cooperation and trust with joint participation in international and national public procurement” – TENDER TOGETHER.

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