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  • Is coronavirus threatening furniture makers?
  • A from the exhibition the virus hit seriously
  • Smartphone as a payment terminal
  • Ukrgasbank was the first to agree on affordable loans
  • Cardboard beds for athletes

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The spread of Chinese coronavirus could harm the global economy more than the financial crisis of 2008, analysts at Moody’s Analytics say.
As for directly Ukrainian furniture makers, the consequences for them are unlikely to be the same as from the 2008 crisis. There will be certain problems for those who have some kind of trade relationship with China – it exports or imports. In general, more benefits can be expected, because China’s exports of furniture to our market and to other world markets will decline, if not limited to time at all.
But for the Swedish IKEA, the Chinese crisis will cost a pretty penny: the company has already closed half of its stores in China.

2. Neither the global crisis, apparently, had such a noticeable effect on the industry of business meetings, as the coronavirus nCoV. Against the backdrop of the rapid spread of the virus in China, major industry exhibitions, which traditionally take place in the Middle Kingdom in March, are being transferred one after another.
The organizers of the furniture exhibition in Guangzhou made a difficult but necessary decision: both March sessions of the China International Furniture Fair, which were to be held on March 18-21 and March 28-31, are postponed indefinitely.
In addition, the organizers of a furniture exhibition in Shenzhen and Shanghai’s Domotex Asia have already announced the transfer of their events.

3. This year Visa launched a unique technology, which has no analogues in Europe yet – payments through Face ID. Vera Platonova, Senior Vice President of Visa in the CIS and Southeast Europe, said that FLP will have a mobile application on the phone through which they can accept payments. This application will be offered by the bank. The merchant’s card, which has a current bank account, must be attached to it. And the merchant will use his phone as a terminal. The option to enter a PIN using the PIN-on-Glass technology will be available – when a client can enter a PIN at the merchant’s terminal, in fact, on his phone, it is absolutely safe.

4. The Entrepreneurship Development Fund has signed with Ukrgasbank the first cooperation agreement in the state program “Affordable loans 5-7-9%”. The bank will help provide small entrepreneurs with affordable loans to develop their business. The Cabinet notes that in the near future similar agreements will be signed with other large banks.

5. The organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will be held this year in Tokyo, showed models of cardboard beds for athletes. The idea of ​​the developers of such furniture is aimed at improving environmental friendliness. The beds are made of high-strength cardboard, and mattresses – PE-RT can be redone.
The Japanese company Airweave Inc will prepare 18,000 places in the Olympic and 8,000 places in the Paralympic Games. Blue and white blankets have a square pattern and the logos of the Olympics. The beds consist of three separate sections, the hardness and softness of which can be adjusted.

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