Competition of ideas for the Furniture of Ukraine photo zone

We are announcing a competition of ideas for a photo zone in Warsaw as part of the HOME & CONTRACT exhibition, which will be held from October 22 to 26, 2022.

The purpose of the competition: to draw maximum attention to the national stand of Furniture of Ukraine among foreign visitors to the exhibition and provide a large number of photos to promote the Furniture of Ukraine brand and support Ukraine as a whole. Demonstration of the creativity, capabilities and capacities of the Ukrainian furniture manufacturer.

Target audience: furniture makers, designers and architects of Ukraine.

Dates of the competition: 21.07.2022 – 01.09.2022

Announcement of the results of the competition: 10.09.2022

To participate in the contest, please fill out the form and attach a visualization of the photo zone.


The winner of the ideas competition will receive international recognition, an opportunity to personally demonstrate their creative solutions within the framework of the HOME & CONTRACT exhibition, coverage of the winner’s creativity in international media.

Voting rules:

Each member of the jury assigns from 1 to 5 points to each criterion in one work, where the score “1” is the lowest score, and the score “5” is the highest.

Thus, one work can receive from 17 to 85 points from one member of the jury.

Jury members vote from September 2 to September 9, 2022.

Voting results will be announced on September 10, 2022.

Jury of the competition:

  1. Oksana Donska is a member of the Board of UAFM and head of the B2B furniture exhibition Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo.
  2. Yaroslav Belinsky – expert in visual communications and branding, graphic designer. Founder and chairman of the Design4Ukraine Association. Owner and art director of a design bureau SuperGraphica.
  3. Artem Zubkevich is a brand designer with 18 years of experience. Founder and creative director of the Zubkevich Agency. Brand director and partner of the Varenycia group of companies.
  4. Kostyantyn Kovshevatsky is a co-founder of ProDeco2022. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Pragmatika media.
  5. Kateryna Tereshchenko – designer, co-founder and head of commercial interior design studio NUMO BURO.


Criteria for selecting works for the competition:

  • Innovativeness. We assume that the photo zone should highlight the thirst of Ukrainian furniture manufacturers for the improvement of the products that are produced. This criterion involves the involvement of new materials, design, ideas, etc.
  • Creativity. Original solution.
  • Technology. Demonstration of production capabilities of Ukraine.
  • Authenticity. Original presentation of Ukrainian origin.
  • Social value. Reflection of a positive image of Ukraine in the photo zone.
  • Scope of the budget for the production of a photo zone. The idea of ​​the photo zone project must be possible before implementation.


Specifications for the photo zone: (dimensions)

Dimensions of the photo zone:

  • width 3 m
  • height 3 m
  • depth 3-4 m

It is mandatory to predict the lighting of the area for photos and videos. The presence of the national identity and the Furniture of Ukraine logo in the photo area. Identification of Ukraine as a furniture country.


We look forward to your ideas for the Furniture of Ukraine photo zone. Let the most creative one win!

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