The round table was organized by the German Society for International Cooperation Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit in Ukraine

On November 6, Катерина Винник and Марина Гейко took part in a round table organized by the German Society for International Cooperation Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (#GIZ) in Ukraine.
As part of the program #EU4Skills: Best Skills for Modern Ukraine, GIZ is preparing a project in support of vocational education reform in Ukraine. The goal of the mission is to determine the activities within the project that will be supported by the EU4Skills program, based on discussions with social partners and other key stakeholders.
Representatives of the Ministry of Education, trade unions, business associations and other persons who are interested in reforming the technical education system in Ukraine and require qualified personnel took part in the round table.
GIZ expert John talked about the project, emphasizing the importance of involving all participants in the implementation of reforms in technical education, which can be funded under the EU4Skills program.
The participants unanimously recognized that the technical training system requires updating and modernization in accordance with the requirements of employers.
We made suggestions:
1. Creation of the best image of specialized educational institutions and popularization of professions that are necessary for employers of the furniture sector.
2. The importance of popularizing working professions among schoolchildren.
3. The abolition of taxation for the practice of applicants for education, which complicates the process of organizing student practice.
Also, proposals were made by other participants to create short courses for the training of narrow-profile specialists, to make changes to curricula that do not include part of the professions as such as a whole.
During the meeting, they received positive feedback on the work done by Vladlen Piglets, and after speaking out the developments, they also received positive feedback from the expert himself, emphasizing the importance of acquiring all the links of the chain from educational institutions to employers, which we did through the creation of the UAFM Training Platform.
As a result, we received an offer to participate in further meetings, share experience and influence the decisions that will be put in the reform of technical education.

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