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  • Lviv region cannot satisfy the requirements of IKEA
  • A single business register has ceased to be a secret
  • Gosstat needs 47 reports
  • Between technologies of the past and the future
  • Project, worth borrowing

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. Swedish furniture giant – IKEA company suspends the opening of its production in the Lviv region. This was announced by the head of the investment policy department of the Lviv Regional State Administration Roman Matis.
He said that the IKEA facility will appear in the region, but this will happen later. According to the representative of the authorities, Ukrainian business is not yet ready to cooperate with a European partner of this magnitude, because it cannot provide for its requirements. In particular, the Ukrainian side is not ready to fulfill the requirements of the Swedish company for the organization of labor.

2. The Ministry of Justice issued an order that provides for the opening of a single register of entrepreneurs and companies in full. Now Ukrainians will be able to follow a number of new parameters: registration number of FLP, signatories, branches.
The presence of a registration number of FLP will allow other government agencies to take a new step in the discovery of data. For example, the DFS will be able to provide information on tax debts and tax status, while maintaining the personal data of entrepreneurs.
The full registry is planned to be uploaded in open data format once a week.

3. The State Statistics Service has published a list of forms of state statistical observations and financial statements that can be submitted by respondents in electronic form in 2020. You can view the list at: http://www.ukrstat.gov.ua/elektr_zvit/zvitn/2020.htm.
As of November 8, it has 47 reports. However, Goskomstat experts note that the list may still be supplemented as these forms are implemented in electronic form. If someone needs to submit a form of statistical or financial reporting before the date of its inclusion in this list, you can submit it in paper form.

4. Designer Vadim Kibardin, who lives and works in Prague, presented at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven a collection of tables and chairs made of paper and cardboard.
According to the designer, he has been working with paper for more than 10 years: he began by studying traditional technologies and making prototypes, but gradually new possibilities of this material began to open up for him, which he considers strange: “this material is durable, natural, tactilely attractive, but with this vulnerable and lively, provokes mental fusion. ”
Vadim Kibardin developed his own technology, which consists in sequential layer-by-layer gluing of sheets of paper and cardboard – this author’s method allows you to create furniture of unusual, complex shapes, but at the same time very durable and reliable.
“Over the years, the chair takes the form of the owner and“ follows ”his habits, it becomes even more beautiful,” says the designer. “The project reflects my thoughts on ecology, on the transience of life and the beauty of rebirth, and serves as a bridge between the technologies of the past and the future.”

5. In the Ivanovo region, the project “Business with a mentor”, organized by the regional center for the development of entrepreneurship and export support “My business”, was launched. It is carried out within the framework of the national project “Small and medium-sized enterprises and the support of individual entrepreneurial initiative.”
Project participants – entrepreneurs – will develop their own business projects under the guidance of mentors, as well as undergo internships at existing enterprises. In addition, free seminars will be organized for them.
Participation in the project will help newcomers to the business to avoid many mistakes at the start of their own business, and someone may be able to interest the mentor in their business idea and receive investments for its implementation.

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