Lean-visit UAFM to the Rivne city

We invite you and your management team to the UAFM meeting in Rivne city on July 12th.

The on-site meeting will be devoted to the introduction of lean manufacturing, the participants of the visit will attend the third annual Конференція “Практика впровадження ощадливого виробництва”.
The conference is dedicated to the use of simple and self-implemented tools – daily kaizen, morning meetings, gemba walking, problem solving tools, A3, ideas system, Skills Matrix.

Among the conference speakers are UAFM members – Joseph Pavlik, owner of the furniture company Павлик and Svetlana Gaydaychuk, co-owner of the company Vavilon.
We also add the speeches of the speakers “Practice of the introduction of lean production” for 2018 (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3zMkIsAYZ63yxN-kiSopmQ1biiXKrdId)

In the evening after the conference, a networking-buffet in the restaurant “Barge” is planned.

Register by the link – http://bit.ly/conference12-07

The cost of participation is 700 UAH, including a registration fee for the conference – 200 UAH and a buffet-networking, 500 UAH.

For all questions regarding the event, please contact the UAFM Directorate: 063235 February 3, info@uafm.com.ua.

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