UAFM mission to Turkey

Friends, we invite you to our annual, useful and productive UAFM mission to Turkey!

This time we have prepared for you: a visit to the exhibition INTERMOB & WOODTECH and visits to the production of furniture accessories in the city of Tekirdag: Samet and Starax.

In the program of the tour:

🔘 Visit to the international exhibition of components, fittings and materials for the production of INTERMOB furniture and the international exhibition of woodworking machines, hand and cutting tools WOODTECH:

👉 for suppliers, a visit to the exhibition will be useful for expanding the range of imported products and equipment;

👉 for furniture manufacturers is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with an alternative to European components and accessories.

🔘 Visits to productions in Tekirdag:

👉 SAMET, a leading Turkish brand of furniture accessories, which has repeatedly been awarded the prestigious IF Design Awards.

👉 STARAX is a company that was established in 1996 and is engaged in the production of kitchen and furniture accessories. STARAX exports its products to more than 90 countries.

🔘 And as always, an incredible atmosphere among friends and like-minded people in the picturesque landscapes of Turkey.

🔲 Detailed information about the exhibitions INTERMOB and WOODTECH

🔲 For detailed information about SAMET

🔲 For detailed information about STARAX

UAFM Mission Program to Turkey

Well, who with us to expand borders in search of new knowledge and acquaintances ?!


And hurry, because the places are disassembled like sweet rahat-lukum🤩

The registration fee for participation in the tour is:

– UAH 3,000 for UAFM participants

– UAH 4,500 for all other friends and partners of UAFM

Accommodation in Istanbul is provided by the organizers of the exhibition in double rooms.

The number of places is limited to 35 participants.

See you at the UAFM solar mission to Turkey!

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